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The story of Switch2Knowledge


Switch2Knowledge website was started in December 2020 in the pandemic situation of corona virus to share knowledge with everyone.  This website was started with a free subdomain in blogger and later in 2021 we bought the .com domain name for this website.

First we started posting many random articles and after some time, we have chosen a specific topic and started covering around that topic.  People can see the articles in this website are related to SEO, Blogger, web tech and other tech related stuffs.

We also started a YouTube channel in 2021.  And started making video content based on the same niche we have chosen for our website.  We will publish videos about blogger, SEO and other interesting web related technologies.

This website was created and maintained by Arul Prakassam (Founder and Content creator of Switch2Knowledge.com and Switch2Knowledge YouTube channel).

Author Details:

Who is Arul Prakassam?

Arul Prakassam

Arul Prakassam is a front-end web developer with some back-end knowledge & content creator.  He was born in March 2002 in Pondicherry, India.  He has an interest in space and science so he wants to become a space scientist.  So he decided to study in IIST but he didn't get the necessary score to get into IIST so he has chosen B.Tech ECE and joined in Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology, Puducherry in 2019.

Due to the pandemic situation of corona virus he could not attend the classes properly and he lost his interest in the subject of ECE.

But he got some interest in learning programming, so he chose to learn web development.  During his learning period, he found a platform called Blogger.  Then he found that blogger is used to write content and post articles in online.

So he started creating some online content in blogger.  His first website is not going good.  So in the frustration he deleted his first website in blogger.  And again he started from scratch and created another website, the second website is also not going well.  So again he deleted his website.

From his past failures he learnt that "putting our work continuously and improving it, the result will come soon".  So he created a third website and that was switch2knowledge.  He continuously writing articles in his website.  Finally after long days he ranked a post in google.  From that he leant something about content writing and SEO and he started ranking some posts.  And later he heard about Adsense program and he joined in adsense and he got adsense approval for his website.  He put his full focus on content writing and ranking in search engine in the pandemic days.  And he forgot about learning web development.

Then he created a YouTube channel and started making Youtube videos in his channel and he wants to continue his career as a content creator.  But he got only less traffic from his website and earnings is also low.  In that time, learning of web development comes in his mind.

So he started learning web development.  And he found that he likes front-end, so he put focus on learning front-end web development.  In the learning time he creates many web projects to improve his skills.

In the same time, he didn't leave his website and YouTube channel, side by side he also put some work on both platforms.  He is improving his web development, SEO, content writing skills.

Finally he completed his college in 2023 and searching for jobs to work.