Blogspot to custom domain name needs Change of Address tool ?

Change of Address tool is a feature of Google search console.  You can tell google that your website address is changed to a new web address.  But the doubt many are having is when to use this tool.

blogspot to custom domain name

Q: I am moving from blogspot domain name to custom domain name.  Do I need to use change of address tool?

Ans: I have recently changed my blogspot address to custom domain name and I purchased my domain in google domains.  I have also this doubt in my mind.  So I tell you what I done with my domain name.

I added my custom domain name in my hosting provider (i.e Blogger) and after I added to search console and my previously added blogspot domain is still available in search console.  So what is happening now is you are adding your custom domain name to hosting provider i.e Blogger and Google will automatically know that the user is changing their domain name to custom domain name.  I also asked the support team of Google domain where I bought my domain, they also told the same thing.

So the conclusion is Google will automatically know the change when you add your custom domain to blogger after using blogspot.  And start working in your new domain and see the statistics of your new domain, it starts increasing and the blogspot statistics starts decreasing.  
If you have ranked blogspot domain means when changing to custom domain, 301 redirect will redirect your old domain name to new domain name.
If you have further doubts contact your domain registrar and the search console help community.

When to use Change of Address Tool

For example if you have two domain names.  First domain name is and the second domain name is  Now you need to change the to means then you need to use the change of address tool in search console.  Both the properties must be added and verified in search console then only you can use this tool.

change of address tool

  • Go to your old site ( in search console and go to settings.
  • You can see the change of address option.  Select the option
  • Select your new site ( and validate and update.
  • Before doing this you must make a 301 redirect from your old site to your new site.
  • Also before doing this please read about -> best practices of using change of address tool.
  • Usually the change of address tool will take 180 days  to complete the process.
301 redirect is a permanent redirect with full ranking to the redirected site (new site). 
Content Last Updated on 25th July, 2021 5:00 PM IST


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