Working of URL Shorteners and its Pros and Cons in the Internet

working of URL shortener

What is URL Shortener?

URL shorteners are used to short your long URls in the internet and make it shareable to everyone.  It helps to reduce the long complex URL string to a short length minimum characters URL.

The URL shortener service is provided by many websites so people can use their service to short the URLs.

What is the purpose of using URL shortener?

The answer is simple.  Instead of sharing long URLs in public, you can share your short URLs easily in social media and add to your profile and many so.

Google also had a URL shortener service called but now it is a discontinued service.

For Example: sharing a amazon link is too long.  So shortening the link before sharing means then the link looks like short link.

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How does a URL shortener work?

The below working is the simple explanation of the URL shortener.

The URL shortener service use the basic web server function called URL redirect.  URL redirect redirects your short URL to your original URL (i.e long URL).  It sends a HTTP request to the web server and directing it to the original page.

Eg: is one of the famous URL shortener.  This short URL will redirect to the original URL

Also many websites like bitly are available in the market which are free or

Pros of URL Shortener

1.  You can share your short URLs in place where you cannot able to share the long URLs.
2.  Many URL shortener provides the tracking analytics of your URLs.  So you can track and find the performance of the short URLs.
3.  You can earn some money by using URL shortener.  This type of service is offered by some URL shortener providers but it is not recommended because the provider will suddenly shutdown and close their website without giving you money.

How does the money making URL shorteners works?

So you need to make short URLs from their website and then share the URLs across all your known platforms.  When the visitor clicks your links then it first opens an advertisement in a new window and after opens the webpage in another window.

So the user see the advertisement first and after go to the webpage.  By this method you can earn some money.

earn money using url shortener

It is not recommended, the user may feel uncomfortable when seeing the ad suddenly because the user one and only purpose is to open the webpage alone.  The user don't know if I click the link, some ad will display in my window.  So the user will be uncomfortable.

Cons of URL Shortener

1.  The shortened URL looks like random letters.  It doesn't make any meaning to the visitor or doesn't have any keywords.  But some URL shortener service provides the customization facility for their URLs.  It may be paid or free service.
2.  There are many HTTP responses available in the web but only 301 permanent redirect will give the full ranking factor to the redirected site (original long length URL).

If 301 redirect is not possible means then the full SEO strength will go to the short URL not to the original URL.  So you have to consider whether the URL shortener service will give 301 redirect to your websites.

3.  If the URL shortener service will go into shutdown then where you shared your short links will not work.  So this thing also you have to keep in mind.
4.  Also some people may thing, this short URL may be a spam link or virus link.  So many people are not able to willingly click the short URL links.


My kind notice is try to avoid URL shortener because if you use it means then you need to depend on that service only.  So try to make your original URLs short and sweet with right attractive words.


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