Implementation Tips for Technical SEO for beginners

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO tips for beginners

Technical SEO covers the structure and coverage of the website.  In a simple form technical SEO means all things which are important for the technical base of the website like coding part, indexing, navigation etc., are comes under the technical SEO.

Also on page SEO, off page SEO are important but Technical SEO will improve the site performance and push forward in Google ranking.

Technical SEO is used to target both local and international traffic.

A basic Guide and Tips for Technical SEO for beginners

1.  Structured Data for Site

Structured data helps Google and other crawlers understand your site structure.  This helps the robots to crawler correctly and index your pages.  Also structured data helps users to easily navigate to your site.

So to implement structured data or structured formation for your site, you should design your site layout and posts in a proper way.  Also schema markup is one of the structure data that nowadays Google and many content creators use in their site to push their ranking in SERPs.

What does Schema Markup Structured Data Mean?

structured data for website used for technical seo

Schema markup helps to push content in rich snippet in Google and all other search engines.  There are many schema markup available like article schema,  FAQ, breadcrumb schema etc.,  Mostly many people use JSON-LD method to implement schema in their website.  

If you are a WordPress user then schema is simple to you but if you code your website manually or using blogger means then you need to add your own schema markup for your pages.

Advanced SEO in schema learn those from official website and Google developer docs for structured data.

Don't Forget to read my article on structured data schema markup

2.  Avoid Thin and Duplicate content

avoid duplicate content to improve technical seo

Thin and duplicate content will kill your ranking in Google.  Avoid multiple posts with the same content (same wordings) in your website.  Because Google search console may didn't index the pages of duplicate content and excluded those pages.  Duplicate content copied from other websites will not rank in Google.

If you are creating separate posts for many countries means then use hreflang in those posts and publish your posts.

If you have different URLs for mobile and desktop versions then using Canonical URL tag helps Google to find and mark it as canonical.

3.  Indexing and Crawling

Submit your xml sitemap to google search console.  Then only Google will know the pages and index your website.  When submitting sitemap, you should consider that your pages should not be blocked by robots.txt or noindex tag.  These tags will block your pages, so Google will not index your page.  This will reduce indexing.

Be cautious about pages which you allowed for indexing and crawling.

4.  Website Speed

High speed website for technical seo

Website speed plays major role in ranking and also in technical SEO.  Because faster loading websites only Google highly recommends.  Also faster loading websites only show in top SERPs.

To test your website speed use PageSpeed Insights of the Google.

Reduce Third party Javascript and CSS code when designing your website.  Because it can cause your website slow.

5.  Responsive and Mobile First Website

responsive web design for technical SEO

Today most of the websites are mobile first websites and they are responsive too.  So don't forget to make a mobile friendly site.  Because mobile users are nowadays increased.  So Google first recommends responsive websites and AMP websites.  

Yes AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are now more recommended for Google Discover tab and for top stories.  AMP is more mobile friendly so it will go higher in Top stories and in Google discover tab.


6.  Internal Links for your website

internal links for technical seo

Internal links will give the site navigation for robot crawler.  So give more internal links for your website post.  Connecting your related posts by using internal links in articles and properly giving categories and sub categories of your website will give clear understanding of your website.

Then only all your webpages (related content) will connect together and users can go through your web posts and website easily by using internal links.

Internal links play major role in the site architecture.  And it will define your site structure and make the site navigation correctly.

The best example of internal site links is Wikipedia page.  You can see many internal links in many Wikipedia pages.  You can use any visual site mapper explore to see the map of your internal links.

7.  Breadcrumbs and sitelinks search box

breadcrumb and sitelink for technical seo

Breadcrumbs is one of the schema markups which is used to give navigation in SERPs and to the user.  Breadcrumbs is also shown in the search results to give the navigation.  It is used for sitelinks to show below your website.  The sitelinks will generate automatically by Google from the important links of your website navigation.  

For example, you placed your content topics links (category links) in the top navigation bar of your website then sitelinks will be created from the top navigation bar and shows below your website in google search automatically.  Your breadcrumbs play major role for all of these purposes.

8.  SSL

Technical SEO needs SSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the basic security to your website.  That provides HTTPS response to your website.  Nowadays security is needed to every website.  So everyone should use SSL or you may use TLS (Transport Layer Security) for advanced security service. Google also recommends only HTTPS websites otherwise it will show a message "Your connection is not private" when you visit a non HTTPS website.

Many types of SSL are available in the internet.  Also free SSL certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt.  So make sure that you choose a correct SSL for your website.

9.  Hosting Provider

hosting plays important role in technical seo

Hosting provider and hosting server location all comes under Technical SEO.  Because without a good server your website cannot be reached.  So choose a fast and good hosting provider based upon your website traffic and your website storage.

A bad hosting will down your website many times.  Then users will bounce back.  Also hosting location you need to consider, where they placed your server or in which country they placed your server.  Also these things you need to consider.  Hosting plays an important role in Technical SEO.

10. CDN

CDN role in technical SEO

CDN (Content Delivery Network) are used by many websites like Netflix, Amazon etc.,  It will quickly shows your content from the nearby servers and improve loading speed of your website.  CDNs are providable by many hosting providers and you should buy a good CDN to load your website quickly.

Not every website needs CDN but many shopping websites mostly need CDN.  If you want to load your website fast then you can buy a CDN.


At last I conclude that these are the main strategies of technical SEO.  And it is not an end, more things are available about technical SEO and other types of SEOs.  Start learning one by one steadily.
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