What is Schema Markup Structured Data


Schema markups are added to the content of the pages to show rich results and snippets in Google and other search engines.  Schema.org and many other companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex are promoting schema for the structured data that is available to the Internet community.

Types of Schema Markup

There are many schema markups available in the official schema.org website.  Now we are going to see the top schema markups promoted by Google search Engine.

1. Article

Article is one of the famous markup.  It is used by most of the news magazine, food blogs.  It will increase the reach of our content and displayed in the top story carousel.

Article schema

2. Breadcrumb

Navigation is very important in every website. Breadcrumb schema will help and solve the navigation problem of every site.  Breadcrumbs also appears in the search results, below your site name in Google.

Breadcrumb schema

3. Carousel

Carousel markup displays rich results in a sequence of gallery view.  It is used for many recipes, Movies, restaurant to show quick and correct results in the homepage of the Google and also in Google mobile app.

Carousel schema

4. How-to

How-to markup will feature the steps for completing some tasks in the Google search page. When you add this markup to your how-to pages. Then Google will shows the steps directly in search result page with featuring text, images and videos.

how-to schema

5. Logo

When you add Logo markup, then Google will show your organization details and logo image and social media networks in the Google Knowledge Panel.

logo schema

There are many schema available, you can check schema.org website and also Google official developer website for more details.

How can I add Schema markup to our Website (Blogger, WordPress)

For Website and Blogger

There are three ways to add schema markup to your website

1. JSON-LD (Recommended) - It looks like Javascript embedded into the script tag.  We can place it in both head and body tags.  It is recommended method to add schema because it is easy to understand and nest tags.  Google also can easily understand JSON-LD.

Use JSON-LD method to add schema to your website because it is easy and human friendly.

For example:
  "@context": "https://schema.org",
  "@type": "NewsArticle",
  "image": [

2. Microdata - It looks like html tag.  And it uses html tags to nest structured data inside it.  It is used in the page body and can be used also in the head.

3. RDFa (Resource Description Framework in Attributes) - It uses HTML5 and used in both head and body of the page.

For Wordpress

For easy purpose to add schema markup, plugins like Yoast SEO and other plugins are used for schema markup in Wordpress.

Free tools to generate Schema Markup

Free tools for generating Schema Markup for your website
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