How to get free WordPress website features without paying  money

Wordpress for free with full features

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source CMS (Content Management System) software which many people use to create their website.  WordPress is now one of the most famous CMSs and it allows you to design and create your own website for free.  You can use many themes and designs in your website in an advanced level.  Also many plugins are available for WordPress, by using the plugins you can do a lot of works in a single click.


Let us talk about the price of this wordpress software.  I already mentioned WordPress is a free and open source software then why we need to talk about the price for WordPress?  There are two WordPress sites available:
  2. Vs

difference between Vs

Many people know the but only few are know the  So what is the difference between and

You can create an account in and get a free subdomain and start using WordPress.  But there are some limitations for free users in

You are not allowed to use full features of wordpress for free and also they have place their ads in your website.  So you need to buy a hosting to use the full features of WordPress in

In the other hand, the allows users to download the WordPress software to your computer and by following the setup guide you can successfully install the wordpress to your local system.  In the you can fully use the features of wordpress and use all plugins and themes for free.

If you buy a hosting in any hosting provider you can install the wordpress software i.e the software.  But you need to pay for hosting and after only you can install the wordpress to use.  Or you can download the software and use in your local computer.

Getting your wordpress website for free

But now I am going to tell a method to use the full features of WordPress for free without paying any money and without installing the software in your computer.

By this method you can practice the wordpress settings and customization and after you learnt all things then you can buy a hosting in any hosting provider and run your website with the help of wordpress.

How to get WordPress Features for free for learning and practicing

If you are using Blogger then you can definitely try the Wordpress for free and learn how to use the Wordpress software.  By this method you will get the full features of WordPress for free.

sign in procedure for free wordpress
  • First you need a mail ID.  You can also use temp mail ID.
  • Visit the  Press the sign up button and you will get a sign up page.

Why I am choosing byet host is they give 1000 MB of diskspace and ad free and gives many other features.  Learn more about features of byet host in their website. 

  • Create a free subdomain and after enter your email and create your password, now you will finish the sign up.
Then refresh the page and go to your inbox.  You will get a confirmation mail.  Click the link on that mail you received.  After clicking the link, your account is created and you can see your account details and make a note of it.
  • Now click the cpanel link (Control Panel) and enter the username which is given to you and your password which you used for your account creation.
  • Now you get a notice about sending important mails to your inbox in the next page.  Just click Agree to receive important mails about your account to your mail box.
Now you can see the cpanel page.  There are many options available in the cpanel, you can also learn those option in cpanel without paying any money by this method.  But now our subject matter is installing WordPress.
  • Then go to the Softaculous apps installer.  And click on the link, now you can see many apps and menu in the side bar.  Now you can see the WordPress in that page.
  • By clicking the WordPress and after select install now and select the latest version from the next page.  And make a site name and description (You can also change those in your WordPress dashboard later).
  • Enter admin in Admin username and your password for wordpress in Admin password area.
  • And select any theme for your site from the bottom themes available ( You can change your theme later in the WordPress dashboard).  Finally click the Install option.
  • Wait for some seconds, after the successful installation.  You can see your wordpress dashboard URL.  By clicking the URL, you go to your dashboard page.
You can see many WordPress options and menu in the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard.  You can install new theme, plugins and write articles for your website.

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How to login again in Cpanel and WordPress Dashboard?

So if you logout of your cpanel.  Then how do you login again?  That is simple one.  
  1. Use your cpanel link and enter your username and password and login.  
So if you logout of your WordPress dashboard means then how do you login in back?  
  1. The URL is your website name which you chosen during account creation and followed by /wp-admin (for example,  
  2. Now you land on the login page of the wordpress.  
  3. Enter you email address you used and your password you created during your wordpress installation (not your cpanel password, use the password which you created during wordpress installation) and login.


By following the above method you can use the Wordpress software and all of its features for free without spending any money.  So learn WordPress and practice for free.
Content Last updated on 30th October 2022, 3:00 PM IST

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