Create your First Google Stories with a few steps


In 2018 Google introduced Amp Stories which works on Accelerated mobile pages.  Later in May 2020 Google rebranded its Amp Stories as Google web stories.  Creating web stories and publishing in online is now modern method to convey a message.

How to earn money by creating Google Web Stories

Create web stories for websites like wordpress or for any CMS like blogger.  Web stories is made up of HTML and also you need to add meta type data to the stories then only people can find it easily.
  • You can also manually create a web story by reading amp developer documents.
  • Using Wordpress Integration
  • Using Third Party Tools ( MakeStories, Newsroom AI)

Wordpress plugin

Using the Wordpress plugin you can create web stories.  It is an official tool for wordpress users.  By using this wordpress integration you can customize what you want like logo, design, cover page etc.,

Google recommends some Third Party Tools

Google web story website showcase some popular tools in their official page, we can also use those tools to create a quality web stories.

Some popular tools are MakeStories and Newsroom AI.  Both the tools work well and you can use those tools to make your own stories.

Use Amp Testing tool to test your google stories

Creating your Web Stories in just less than 5 min

  1. Choose the correct tool for creating stories
  2. Draft the story
  3. Sourcing the content
  4. Creating the story
  5. Publishing the story

Learn more about Web stories in Google for Creators

Some Features of using Google Web Stories

1. Monetization

Ads appearing in the web stories are fully controlled by the content creator of the story.  And also Google recently launched the programmatic ads for web stories for Adsense and Ad manager.

Search Engine Journal mentioned that 

If you host ads on your web stories, you will get 100% of the ad revenue

2.  Google Analytics to track your story report

You can integrate your google analytics by entering the code and you can track your web story reports and performance of the stories in your analytics page.

3. You control Everything

You can publish your own content and the copyright of the content is all yours.  And you need to follow google web stories content policy.  You can feature your web story as long as your wish, there is no time limit or automatic delete date for google web stories.

Where can I find my Web Stories


  • You can find your own web stories by embedding the stories on your website.  Web stories increases the retention rate in your website.
  • In Google Discover - Google announced in Oct 2020 that users from US, Brazil and India can see web stories in Google discover feeds.  This can increase the audience growth rate and drive more traffic from the homepage of the Google App.
  • In Search Results of Google - Yes of course you can find the web stories in the Search Result Page of Google (SERP).  Web stories are indexed like a web page and will appear as normal search result.
And also web stories are desktop friendly so you can see your stories in all devices like mobile, tablet, desktop browsers.

Read more about web stories in google developer docs


Web stories are a new way of driving traffic to your website.  And it is more engaging to the user.  So start creating your web stories and publish and make some joy.
Content Last Updated on 27th June 2021, 10:30 PM IST

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