How to find your site has any policy violations of Google Publisher Policies and Google Publisher Restrictions

Finding adsense violation

Many Publishers have facing issues in violations of the policies of Google Adsense.  Because of these violations the adsense account may be going to ban or even they didn't get approval for google adsense.

So first preference is to fix the violation in the adsense account either you got approved before or not.  If you didn't fix the violations then you may didn't get approval for adsense or may be loss of earnings or your account may be banned soon.

How to find your Adsense policy Violations

1.  Usually Adsense mentioned your violation in the notification.
2.  You can also find some violations in your site by this method.
3.  First go to Google Search and turn off your Safe Search in the Settings.



4.  Use the site: operator in Google to find your violations in your site.

  • To find any copyright content violation in your site
Search dvdrip
Search watch free
Search streaming
  • To find any adult content in your site
Search sex
Search escort
Search erotic
  • To find any sale of restricted or illegal content in your site
Search tobacco
Search rifle
Search heroin
  • To find any Gambling action in your site
Search poker
Search texas hold'em
Search blackjack

5.  After doing the above things.  Also Go to Google Image Search and try the same thing mentioned above and find any violated image appears in the results of your site or not.

The above mentioned methods or not the only methods to find the violations.  If you have any violations then try to find and solve them, if you didn't able to find and solve your violation then kindly contact the support team of Google Adsense.

Content Last Updated on 30th June 2021, 8:00 PM IST

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