How to use CC and BCC in an effective way to send Emails

While sending mails to your clients or your friends, you must be very careful in typing the mail address whether you send only to a single person or to a group of persons.  In this case you must know the use of CC and BCC in Email.

There are 5 sections in Gmail
  1. From area
  2. To area
  3. CC and BCC area
  4. Subject area
  5. Main message area

When to use TO area in Email?

If you want to include your primary recipients in the email then you can simply add those emails in the To box of your email.  All the mail addresses mentioned in the To box will receive the mail you send and also all will able to receive the reply when someone gives an reply to the email.

When to use CC area in Email?

CC stands for Carbon Copy.  The meaning is same as the name mentions.  It sends a copy of the email to the persons mentioned in the CC area.  Both TO and CC works in the same way.  
For example: When you send a mail about your leave to your Principal, then you can add your principal mail in the TO address and your Class teacher mail in the CC area and also you can add your friends mail in the CC area.  By this you are sending the copy of your mail to your class teacher and to your friends and informing about your leave.
  • People in the TO address can see the email address of people in the CC area.  
  • And in the same way the CC area people can also see the mail address of the TO people. 
  • When you reply to a mail received with CC, then you can see two options Reply and Reply All.  When you use Reply All, all the people mentioned in the CC and TO area will get the reply conversation.

When to use BCC area in Email?

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy.  The name mentions is same, as it sends mail to the persons without revealing other email ids.  If you send any mails with BCC, then the primary recipients (TO people) and the CC people didn't know about the email address you mentioned in the BCC area.  But the BCC people can see both the CC and TO address emails.
For example: When your class teacher sends your marks in Email, then he can mention your email address in TO area and your HOD email address in the BCC area.  But you don't know that your marks are sent to your HOD.
  • People in the TO address cannot able to see the BCC email address.  But BCC people can able to see the TO and CC address email ids.
  • If you add more BCC people then each BCC people cannot able to see the other mail ids of BCC people.  Only they can see the TO and CC people and not able to see the other BCC people.
  • When you use Reply All to a mail, then all the people will get the reply mail including BCC people.
When you include more people in CC and BCC then the Email algorithm will mark it as spam or promotional email.  So don't include too many users in the Email.  It also delays the speed of sending emails.
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