How to get Google Adsense Approval for your website easily in 2024

Getting Google adsense approval is becoming a challenge in nowadays for many websites.  You can apply Google adsense for your Website, Youtube Channel and for your app.  But now we are going to talk about how to get adsense approval for your website only. 

tips to get google adsense approval in 2022

Are you rejected in adsense? then definitely this article will give you motivation and necessary tips to get your site adsense approval.

Tips to Get Adsense approval in 2024 for your website

Adsense didn't mention in any area about their approval process.  The below mentioned tips are based on the experience of people who have previously applied for adsense and also based on my experience of adsense approval.

1.  Site Navigation and Create Necessary Pages

site navigation and necessary pages for adsense approval

Necessary Pages:

  • Creating necessary pages like Privacy policy, terms of conditions, contact us, about us pages is necessary for adsense approval.  And the adsense team will see if you have created the necessary pages correctly in your website or not.

Site Navigation:

  • When you create your website, you should create an easy navigation for your website.  This will improve the user experience and help to get adsense approval fast.
  • And also the site navigation is checked by the adsense crawler (bot) for your website and the adsense crawler decides that your site has good user experience and navigation for the users.
Quick Tips !!!
1. User Experience, Site navigation and Correct necessary pages are required to quickly get adsense approval.
2. Make mobile friendly site.

2.  Follow Search console Guidelines and Google Publisher Policies

Follow Search console Guidelines and Google Publisher Policies for adsense approval

You should compulsorily add your property to search console and submit a xml sitemap in the search console.  And also you should follow the quality guidelines of Google webmasters.  You must follow the Google Publisher Policies in order to get approve for Google Adsense and also for Google news approval.

Before writing content in your website, you must know which are allowed and which are not allowed i.e I am talking about the restrictions of publishers.  You must comply with the Google Publisher Restrictions and also you must follow with Adsense Program Policies

3.  Good Quality Content and correct niche for your website

value added content and perfect niche for adsense approval

Many third party ad networks asks your traffic report of your website to get approval.  But adsense didn't mention in any area that they see the traffic of your website in order to approve your site.

Adsense only see good and unique quality content till now.  So you must focus on good quality content and the traffic comes automatically.  

Some people say "Even 10 to 15 unique visitors is enough to get adsense approval".  But not sure about this statement.

And also selecting your niche is something plays a major role.  Some niche are not suitable for adsense.  For example: Adsense may reject or not quickly approve Gossip websites.  If your niche is not suitable for adsense and even if you apply for adsense then they will reply as "Your site is not suitable for adsense program" something like this.  

So select your niche correctly.
Working in a micro niche is a good practice to get traffic and rank articles.  For example: Your website is about car vehicles means then write about any specific vehicles like Tesla or Ford cars.

4.  Using Good Domain Name

good domain name for adsense approval

Getting approval in free subdomain (like given in Blogger) and buying a premium or custom domain both are possible in Adsense.  

But when you get approval in free subdomain like given in Blogger.  Then in future if you change your domain name to custom domain means then you need to again apply for approval.
And also getting approval in free subdomain has some disadvantages, if you want to move to wordpress means you cannot able to move with your free subdomain.  But if you have a custom domain means then you can easily move to wordpress along with your adsense approval. 

Learn more about Buying Domains

5.  Avoid Placing Affiliate links in your site

avoid placing affiliate links for adsense approval

If you place affiliate links in your website with value added content means then there is not problem.  
But your site is based on fully affiliate i.e pure or thin affiliate sites then you may not get adsense approval.  
And my suggestion is avoid placing affiliate links before getting adsense approval.  Because the adsense team and crawler will see the best places in your site to place google ads.  If there is no place to add google adsense ads then you may get rejected.
  • And after getting approval if you place your affiliate links then you need to keep this point in mind that the affiliate content should play minor role and your content must play major role.
  • Affiliate content should not be more than your content.  And you need to disclosure about your affiliate in your page.

6.  Placing Third Party Ad Network codes

avoid placing third party ad network codes for adsense approval

My suggestion is don't place third party ad network codes in your website before getting approval in adsense.  If there is no place to add google adsense ads then you may get rejected.
  • After you got adsense approval then you need to manage how much third party ad code and adsense ad code you place in your site.  
  • The third party ads should not cover your content and the adsense ads.
  • And also you need to mention in your privacy policy about the third party networks.
  • If third party ads may misleading then your adsense account may be banned.
If you have further doubts about third party ad networks with adsense then describing your doubt in the Adsense community is the best way to clear your doubt.

7.  Avoid Pop up notification messages in your websites

Google Adsense recently following one thing i.e if your website has a pop up notification messages then your site is rejected.  If you show pop up for subscription or desktop notification then it indirectly indicates that you force users by notification to visit your site.  So adsense feel it is wrong.  So they recently don't approve sites with these pop up notifications.

If your already have an approved site then you can show notification but they may also give you a warning to your site.  So be cautious that you don't use any notification facilities in your website while you are submitted your website to google adsense.

If you got any error or policy violations in adsense means, now they send you a mail with screenshots of the violation.  They will not send screenshots for all violations but some of the violations they will send you the screenshots.  This is a new adsense update, by using this you can correct your errors and policy violations.

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Adsense program policies may have some changes in future and they may include new policies also.  So you must follow the recent and past policies in order to get approval for adsense.

By following the above steps and tips you can get adsense approval for your website.  If your site is rejected then they clearly mention and send you a mail why your site is rejected.  So from that mail you can read and correct your mistakes and again apply for adsense then definitely you will get approval for your site.
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