Best Free no watermark video editing software for PC

Video editing software are needed one in the modern YouTube period.  Everyone has YouTube channels and many are making their own YouTube videos in blogging, cooking, tech, entertainment and in much more categories.

Many people edit their own videos for their YouTube channels and also for their office or presentation purposes.  But they didn't use any professional video editors for their videos.  Because professional video editors like adobe are cost much more.  So they are using some normal free video editors.

Free video editing software for PC without watermark

But in free video editors we see a big fault as watermark of their company name appears in the exported final video.  It mostly in any corner of the video but the watermark decreases our video quality.  Most of the people are searching for watermark free video editors with good features for their videos.  

So that is the case we are going to discuss.  I have used many video editors and going to tell you the available video editors for pc without watermark with maximum features for free to use.

No watermark video editing software for pc

The list of video editing software for pc
Clipchamp is the best video editor among our list of video editors.  It is one of the Microsoft products and also it is an online editor.  You don't need to download any software on your pc.  If you want you can download and use Clipchamp in your pc.

clipchamp editor without watermark export

Upto 1080p resolution of unlimited videos you can export from Clipchamp without any watermark.  It gives you free audio, images, videos and many filters, effects are free for you to use in Clipchamp.

If you have used Filmora then it is very easy to use Clipchamp.  Most of the features in Filmora are available in Clipchamp for free and it is easy to use for any beginners to edit their videos.

2. Lightworks

The next super video editor in our list is Lightworks.  It is a super cool software which gives you no watermark export.  You can use the software for free with many professional features like audio editing, VFX, video editing.

lightworks no watermark editor

The free version has many good features which are suitable for good video editing.  Upto 720p resolution videos you can export in free version.  You need to login and use this software.  They need at least you have to login once every 90 days and it is completely free forever.

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3. VSDC video editor

VSDC video editor is one of the basic video editors with many free features.  In this editor, you can edit your videos and use their free features to edit your videos without watermark.

free VSDC video editor without watermark

If you use premium features means then during export time it asks you "you have used premium features so export with watermark or export without using premium features", then you select without using premium features, now your video is exported without watermark.

Most of the free features in VSDC editor are able to satisfy a normal user.  It does not have big features in free mode.  Also when first time editing in this software, you may feel little bit confusion.  After that you will be comfortable with this editor.

4. Animotica

Animotica is a good editor with basic features.  But it has watermark when you export it.  Then why I mentioned Animotica in this article is Animotica has some other tools in their video editor which are watermark free.

Animotica without watermark features

You can use their tools without watermark.  The free tools include 
  • Trim video
  • Screen recording
  • Reverse video
  • Fast or slow video
  • Video stabilization
  • Extract mp3
  • Mute video
  • Adding background music
  • Adding text, logo
  • Adding effects to video
That is why I mentioned Animotica editor in this area.   You can refer the below image for the free tools of Animotica.

5. Openshot video editor

openshot video editor open source software

It is an open source video editor.  Openshot video editor gives you watermark free exports.  Also it is easy to use and edit your videos.  It does not have much editing features.  It is a very basic editing software for beginners.

It has very simple layout and editing features.  If your video does not have much editing work means then you can try Openshot software.

6. Shotcut video editor

shotcut video editor open source software

It is also an open source video editor.  The interface of Shotcut video editor is quit difficult for new uses.  But it gives you watermark free exports.  You can edit in Shotcut video editor and learn the features then it is easy for you to edit faster in Shotcut editor.

It gives many features but you need to learn those options i.e where it is located and how to use that options in your videos.

7. MiniTool  MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is a basic video editing software.  It does not have watermark in its free version.  You can export 1080p videos and first 3 videos you can export without time limit.  But after those videos there is a time limit of 2 minutes.
minitool moviemaker free version with no watermark

That is why I have placed this software at last.  The editing features are much enough for a YouTube video and it includes many good features like templates, motions, transitions etc.,

There is a problem in this editor is "it does not able to change the video screen size" i.e you can only create and export 16:9 videos, you cannot able to export or make other types of videos like 9:16.  If you make very small videos means then you can give a try to this video editor.

8. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve for advanced editing

DaVinci Resolve is an advanced software which are used to edit big movies.  It requires very high system requirements to perform basic editing operations.  It has a free version in which you can use the features for free and export that without a watermark video.

If you use a Pro feature in DaVinci then you may get a watermark.  In full version you can experience the full features of DaVinci Resolve.  Most of the Hollywood movies are edited in this video editor.


Try any of these software and edit your videos, if you are comfortable means then go ahead.  If you find less features means then change the software and again try editing.  After you learn good editing and if you need advanced software means then you can shift to an advanced editing software for your video editing.
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