Updating date on posts will improve Google Ranking?

updating date on posts will improve google ranking

When you write a new article and started ranking in Google.  But after few years your ranking position in Google SERP may go down.  Why this is happening?  Because google needs fresh content everytime.  Google algorithm keeps tracking of fresh relevant content across the internet.

There are many things need to be consider before updating a post.

When you have written an article in 2015 and ranked in google in that time.  And after many people started writing article in the same topic with new information then definitely the new published article will get rank in Google.  So in that situation you need to update your article with new content in order to stay in the top rank.

Updating means there are two things inside it.

Updating the page's content alone

It is a good habit that after you have written an article, follow that article ranking in search console and find the relevant ranking keywords in search console data after you published the article.

And now you can update the article with those keywords and add new information if you have.  Each time you update the article with new quality content will increase your google rank in SERPs.

Also adding some new value to the article before updating it will increase your SEO ranking.

Updating the content with the date of the article

In some situations you need to update your date in the article in order to display the article as fresh article.

For example you have written about adsense tips for website in 2020 and in 2021 many new article will come about adsense tips.  So the user will choose the recent articles because many features and policies may changed to get approval in adsense in 2021.  So the choice for the user is recent articles.  So google also shows the recent articles in search.

Don’t artificially freshen a story without adding significant information or some other compelling reason for the freshening - John Mueller (Google's Search Advocate) mentions about updating dates on pages

But you have updated your article recently but the date shown in the search is 2020.  So it reduces the CTR, so you reduce your ranking.

So in this situation, add value to the old content and also update your date.  So the user saw the new date and click your article and read it.  So your rank will not go down.

For the real time news update website, posting new articles requires recent dates then only the user will see the recent news and read it.

Don't use too much date update because the date update for the articles is not required for all types of articles.  Only few articles need to update their date.  For the rest of the articles, you can simply add content and update that article.

Google crawler understands that fresh content added to this article and rank that article based upon the content.


When the post becomes older, the URL has more value.  So update that post and keep adding value to that post.  Don't delete your old posts because the new posts have some value in the same manner the old posts are also have value.
Content last updated on 20th July 2022, 10:30 PM IST

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