Tips to rank a Blogger website in top search results of Google

This article will help you to rank a post in Google by giving the required methods and tips you will need to follow while writing your articles.

Most of the tips given here by me are after some experience of ranking articles in Google.  We will cover only optimizing the content in your article because most of the people we will be fail in this area.  Ranking an article needs more things to follow but this is the first important step you should follow while writing articles.

How to rank a blogger website in Google

When you hear the word blogger ranking, you may think that it is difficult to rank a blogger site.  But it is not true.  Search engines see all websites as webpages, it doesn't differentiate it is blogger, it is WordPress.  The only thing it sees is the quality content for readers.  Even if you are using a free subdomain in blogger, you can rank in SERPs.

I have seen many websites like which are ranking in Google search.  So focus on your content writing and other needed skills.

1.  Choosing the topic for your post

Selecting a topic is very important for your website.  Because you shouldn't write random topics of articles in your website.  You should follow a particular topic (niche) and follow that niche in your posts.  Now all are following the trend of working in micro niche.  Also it is some what easy to rank your articles in Google.

Micro niche means you need to choose a particular topic and stick to it.  

For example: I choose a recipe niche and I write about the South Indian dishes then if any one of my posts is ranked in Google means, by following that post all the posts related to that topic will get rank soon.  So, if I make all my posts in South Indian dishes so all my posts will get rank.  After some time, I can expand my niche like making articles for North Indian, western dishes.  But I should not go away from recipe niche.

(I) Content for readers, not for search engines

Writing a content with full of keyword stuffing or irrelevant keywords is not a good article.  Get the details of your topic chosen and write what satisfies the reader.  You could read your own article before publishing it.

Make the content simple as possible and use sub headings to explain inner topics.  It will help search engines to understand your content more easily.

(II) Choosing correct keyword with trending topic

When you write an article, choose a low competition keyword (if your website is already started ranking means you can go with medium or high competition keywords ) and place it in title of your article.  

You can use Google recommended search terms or Google trends to find a keyword without any tools.  Creating a trending topic by using Google trends will able to get more impressions for your articles.

Also placing some keywords and related terms in the first 2 paragraphs of your article will help search engines to understand and rank your article easily.

2.  Applying SEO techniques while writing articles

You need to follow some basic SEO practices while writing your articles.  On page SEO is one of the SEO techniques.  It is used within the content, don't over optimize your articles because it seems to be targeting search engines.

In a short belief, On page SEO includes creating correct headings, titles and keyword placement in paragraphs and titles.  Image alt text and title and meta description optimization and other little things.  

Also Off page SEO and Technical SEO are there.  Off page SEO includes link building (getting links from external sites to your site), giving internal links, social media sharing etc.,  Technical SEO includes your website speed, meta data, schema markup, hosting location, domain name optimization etc.,  Learn one by one slowly.

(I) Optimizing your meta description

Optimizing meta description comes under On page SEO.  Place your focus keyword in the meta description.  Give a short and crisp description for your article.  Google will see the pixels in your meta description and the title of your article.  So give a perfect description for your post.

(II) Writing an unique content

Writing an unique content in your article is very important factor for ranking of any website post.  Because if you write the same content that is already available in the internet means then there is no value for your post.  Because the content is already there in the search engine.  So you need to solve the user query and write new contents.

You can add more values (additional information) to the old content available in the internet and produce your new content.  Find the details that is missing in the old articles of others and write the new content which must include the missing information.  So you have added a new value to the old content.  In this way, the post looks new and will get rank soon.

3.  Make your content available to search engines

After written an article, you must make your article available to all search engines.  Submit your sitemap to the respective webmaster tool.  For Google, we have search console.

While making your website public to the world.  You need to follow the webmaster rules and conditions and the Government internet policies.  Publishing illegal or adult or piracy content is strictly prohibited.  Like wise you need to follow all the required terms and conditions of Google search and other search engines.

4.  Marketing your content

When you hear the word marketing, you may think that running ad campaigns or promoting, which is also marketing.  But we can do marketing without paying any money.
  • Sharing your articles in social media is the best practice to drive social traffic.  It also gives signal to Google and will boost your ranking.
  • Answering in any social forum like Quora, Reddit etc., will give you free traffic source.  Also you can get content ideas from these forums.

5.  Analyzing your content

After marketing, wait for some days (may be 4 days or 1 week) and use your analyzing tools to measure how your article is performing.  You can Google Analytics or Microsoft clarity or any other tool to measure your performance, traffic source, where the audience come from and much more things.

Using search console to analyze your content is also a good practice.  
  • Go to google search tab in search console and see the pages tab and see the top performing articles of your site.  
  • And make changes to old articles or modify old articles to boost the ranking.

6.  Refreshing your old articles

You may have articles which will need some new information or need some update.  Updating an article will keep its position in the same top place.  For example: A job site will regularly update their articles based upon new job opening.  This will help them to rank in the first page.  Google usually loves fresh articles.

So if you able to update your article means give them a update.  Writing articles is important, in the same manner updating previous articles is also very important.  Follow a schedule and write or give a update to the articles.  Google crawler will also stick to your schedule.
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