How to Earn more money using Quora Platform

How to earn money using Quora

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer platform.  You can ask questions in Quora and many people are ready to answer your questions.  Even you can answer other users' questions.

When the answer is satisfied the user, then the user will upvote your answer.  The most upvoted answer will be shown first for that question.

You can see when you search a question in Google, mostly you will find a Wikipedia site and Quora site.  Because Google knows that wikipedia and Quora have good domain authority and the answer for the google search is mostly available in those websites.

Walkthrough of the article:

Setting up Quora Account

First you need to create a Quora account.
  • Visit or you can use mobile app. Create an account or sign up with your social media account (Enable all cookies in order to sign up from social media accounts)
  • Create your user profile by entering the required details.
  • Check the privacy and email & notification settings.  Also check other settings and do your own customizations.
  • Create your bio perfectly and follow the topics and spaces according to your interest.
  • Now your feed looks interesting to you and start using Quora and you can see many questions are appearing in the Questions tab.
  • Start answering the questions for which you know the correct answer.
Don't make spam in Quora.  Answer correctly what you know.  You can also drive traffic to your Website or YouTube channel by answering Quora questions.

Don't simply share your links.  You should answer the question fully and finally you can give a reference link.  

You can check out my answer for a question as a sample of how to write answers for a question in quora.


If you are not following the policies then Quora moderators can delete your answers due to violation of Quora policies.

Creating Posts in Quora

You can also create posts in Quora.  In the post, you can write content or ask question in the title and answer the question in your post.  Both the things are possible.

By clicking the pencil icon (plus icon in mobile) you can start creating posts or start asking questions in Quora.

You should follow the Quora policies in order to write content in Quora.

Follow me on Quora

Creating Spaces in Quora

Spaces in Quora are like Facebook pages where people can post interesting things.  You can join as a contributor to a space or you can join as a moderator to a space.

Many people join and run a single space or a single contributor will run a space.

Start creating space by navigation to Space tab in mobile or press Create Space in the side menu in desktop window.
  • After creating your space do the necessary things like adding name, URL, profile photo and banner image for your space.
  • And add topics for suggested questions and answers for your space.
  • By seeing the suggested questions, you can add that question and answer that question in your space.

    You can create posts for your space by going to your space and then create the post or by clicking the pencil icon (plus icon in mobile) and choose your space and start writing  the post.

    You should follow the Quora's Space policies in order to create post in Quora spaces.

    Follow my Space on Quora


    Monetizing ways to earn money in Quora

    You should create a Space in order to earn from Quora.  Also you can monetize your content you have written outside of your space in Quora.  Before you started, you should check whether which countries are eligible for earning programs.

    There are three ways of monetizing in Quora.

    1.  Ad revenue sharing - Earn money from the ads showing in your space.  You will receive some amount by this type of monetizing.  The spaces should follow the ad revenue sharing policies of Quora.

    Monetizing ways in Quora

    2.  Quora+ revenue sharing - There are people who pay to Quora and read the content of Quora.  You need to have some content for Quora+ subscribers.  When they read your content, you will get money from the views of your content gets.

    3.  Space Subscription - You need to set a subscription amount to your space.  When a user subscribes and follows your space, you will get that amount as your subscription earnings.

    You can join in any of the above three programs.  Also you can join in all of these programs.

    Minimum 10 dollars to withdraw earnings in quora

    You should earn a minimum of $10 to get payout.  The payment is done by stripeYou should create a stripe account by going to your earning tab in Quora.  I think this stripe account you created by this method, is especially created to receive Quora payments.

    And the in the recent update of Quora.  They added the new withdrawal features like Paypal and Gpay.  So you can withdraw your money in these ways to your bank account.

    You can check the help content about monetization and earnings in Quora.


    Important Points to note in monetizing in Quora

    According to current trend, many people are thinking that Quora+ subscription are not worth.  Because if some answers are only for subscribers of Quora+ then the answers for same questions are also available for free in other spaces (you may find in Quora).  So people start jumping to other free spaces.

    Also many people didn't try to buy subscription for your space.  Because everyone needs free things like YouTube, Google.  Only few people such as your hard core followers only subscribe to your space.

    If people thought that this answer will never be found on any other spaces or it is very knowledgeable space means then they consider subscribing to your space.

    The ad revenue sharing looks similar to many ad revenue sharing platform.  You will get some amount of money when ads are creating impressions in your answers.

    You can refer the full support topics related to Quora in their website.



    Many people are thinking that making money in Quora is not worth in this time.  Because the revenue we get is very less.  Then why people are involving in Quora.  The reason is the satisfaction of answering others' questions and getting upvotes.

    Some are earning a lot of money in Quora by subscription but it is not matched to everyone.  Many people are jumping to other earning platforms like Adsense earnings.

    You can drive traffic to your websites and YouTube channel by using Quora but don't spend too much time on Quora feeds.

    Also don't fully concentrate on Quora earnings, put a little work, the earnings of Quora will increase automatically, if you don't earn much in quora means then use it as traffic driving platform to your other monetized websites or youtube channels.
    Content last updated on 20th July 2022, 5:30 PM IST

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