Happy birthday to Wikipedia, Wikipedia has turned 21

Wikipedia has turned 21

On this day the World's famous website was started by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.  They launched an online encyclopedia.  And now it is called Wikipedia.  It was started on January 15, 2001.

Wikipedia was started with a few articles and it is a non-profit organisation called Wikimedia Foundation.  Using collaborative software called 'wiki' anyone can write and edit articles on their own.  This shows that all content in that website may be inaccurate.

Now Wikipedia turns 21.  The word Wikipedia comes from the word 'Wiki', a Hawaiian word means 'quick' and 'encyclopedia'.  Till now many teachers and students use wikipedia for their reference.  And many people saying that Every topic in the world must be present in the wikipedia.  That means we cannot say, any topic that is not present in wikipedia website.

First wikipedia is available only in few languages, but now it is available in 300 different languages.  We will congrats wikipedia to keep going like this.
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