Indian Social Media Hike went to Shuntdown

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Hike Messenger also called as Hike Sticker Chat, is an Indian messaging app.  It was started on 12 December 2012 by Kavin Bharti Mittal and is now owned by Hike Private Limited.

The sad news was Hike went to shuntdown its service  and is not available in play store and apple store.  The reason for the shuntdown is not known. But Mittal recently posted that the international app usage in India has been very high, the hike app has not been as successfull as the company hoped.  Kavin Bharti Mittal has announced the shuntdown.  On January 14, Hike had also announced about the shuntdown in their tweet.
The company had also issued a statement to its users asking them to export their chats from hike by 11:59 PM on Jan 14, 2021.  They also told that "You can continue to reach us on for any issues till 15th Feb 2021". 

Due to Whatsapp Privacy Issue many are going to Telegram and Signal but Hike went to shuntdown.  Mittal has introduced Hike 's new products for 2021 i.e Rush - a bite size gaming platform that has games like carrom and ludo and Vibe by Hike previously known as Hikeland, it is an approval only community platform, the user will have to apply to join the service.

Many are missing Hike. I am also.
Last Modified on 17th Jan, 2021 6:30 PM IST

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