Off page SEO Techniques - Six Effective Tips for Off-Page SEO for Beginners

SEO is one of the main factors that will push your content first in Google.  There are many SEO technics available like on page SEO, off page SEO, technical SEO.  But now we are going to see off page SEO and its importance to improve your website traffic for beginners.

off page SEO techniques

Definition of Off page SEO

Off page SEO is defined as the activities made by the content publisher outside of the website.  On page SEO focuses only on the page structure and content but off page SEO focus on the website performance apart from the content.  For example: Building links is one of the off page SEO technics (which is discussed below).

Six Effective Tips for Off-Page SEO

1. Link Building Strategies

Quality backlinks helps in off page SEO

Building good backlinks for new website will boost Google ranking.  Usually Google don't believe new websites first.  So you need to gain Google's trust in order to rank first in SERPs.

This backlink building is similar to a real life event.  If a manager and an employee in a company prefer you for a higher post. Then the HR will consider the words of manager because manager are in higher rank than an employee.  So you will go to higher post according to your manager words.

So to get Google trust you faster, you need backlinks from external websites.  For example if you get a valuable backlink from a external website to your website then Google will understand that already ranked website suggest you then Google will start trusting you and rank you faster.

Getting a backlink from same niche site is good for your website.

Types of Links for Off page SEO

First you need to know about do follow and no follow links which are widely used in websites.

Do follow links - Do follow links tells Google and search engines to crawl the linked site, then you will get a backlink
No follow links - No follow links tells Google and search engines don't crawl the linked site, getting too many no-follow links are not valuable.

  • Natural Links:

Natural links are links made by people who google and found your content in online and they feel it is good content and manually add your page link to their post.  So in order to get natural links your content must be good and useful content for users then only they add your links naturally to their posts.

  • Built Links:

A built links are made by you in another website for your website pages.  So you are doing any services to external websites like writing guest blog posts or answering in any forum and for return you may ask to place your website link in their posts.  So by doing any extra activities to other websites you may get backlinks by this method.

  • Bad backlinks:

These are links created by robots automatically by creating many backlinks in many dummy websites.  So these are not good quality backlinks.  You should avoid these types of backlinks.

So if you found any unwanted backlinks (spam backlinks) for your website, you can remove those links in Google by disavow links in search console

2.  Guest Blogging

Writing guest blog posts in other websites who accept guest posts and gaining a backlinks is a good practice.  Even though no backlink site can rank 1st in Google but backlinks can boost your ranking.

A new born site will need off page SEO to move forward.  Don't rush your site to get more backlinks in the first few months.  Gain small amount of backlinks in the first few months and start increase your backlinks slowly.

3.  Social Media Marketing (SEM)

Social media marketing (SEM)

Sharing your pages and posts in social media and reaching wide audience is needed for brand building.  This doesn't directly affect Google ranking.  But indirectly gives signal to Google about your social media performance.  So don't forget to build your social media audience in all needed platforms.

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4.  Increasing your EAT score

EAT stands for - Expertise, Authority and Trust.  Google will consider these score to rank your site.  EAT score will indicate what knowledge or skills do you have in that particular niche or topic for which you write content in Google. So more EAT score will indicate more trust on you from Google and will show your pages in top of the SERPs.

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How to increase your EAT score?

So in order to increase your EAT score you should work on your topics (your niche) in all possible ways.  For example, you are writing content in website about food blogging then create a YouTube channel and make food blogging videos and put your channel link in your website and your website link in your YouTube channel.

By building audience in both platforms and the focusing on the same niche in both platforms, Google will understand that you know more about food blogging.  Also do your work on all available platforms and link those platforms with internal links.  Then you can increase your EAT score.

5.  Answering to Questions in Forums

Giving answers to questions in social forums like Quora, Reddit and getting traffic from their site to your webpages will increase traffic to your website and also increase your activity outside of your webpage.  By answering questions related to your niche without spamming anyone, you can make backlinks to your site.

6.  Domain Authority

Domain Authority was created by Moz and domain authority will increase when your website is old and your website has more backlinks.

Google didn't tell, higher DA site will rank first.  But may be a site with more DA will go higher in Google ranking.  Because Domain authority factor contains both the site age and number of backlinks.  So Google may see those things and rank your site first in SERPs.

So DA will increase automatically when your site gets older and when you get good quality backlinks.


By at this end, you will know some of the important techniques followed in off page SEO.  Also more things matter in off page SEO.  So start learning little by little from today onwards.

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