Google Honeymoon Effect on ranking new webpages

Google Honeymoon effect

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What is Google Honeymoon Effect?

Google Honeymoon effect or Honeymoon algorithm is one of the algorithms or methods that Google is using to show good results in their SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).  It is applied to the newly published pages (indexed pages) on Google and helps to give a position in the SERPs based on the user interaction and other key factors.

Google Honeymoon Effect and Google Sandbox Algorithm both are used to give correct results to the users.  

Google didn't mention in any places that they use the algorithm like honeymoon effect, it is just a theory that google will rank new content in top in order to see that the users like it or not.  If it is not liked by the users means then it downs the rank of the webpage.

How Google Honeymoon Effect works?

When you published a new post and it get indexed in google.  And after you can see that your post will get showed in the first page of Google results.

The algorithm test your post by showing it in the first few results in SERP and see the interaction of the people by clicking your post and viewing your page in the SERP.

It is the time where your post is showed in the first few results and judging your post by user interaction, CTR (Click through rate), Bounce rate and many other factors.

So if your post is worth for the search query then it will be in the same position or it will get down on the same page or it will go very deep below if it is not a good content.

The honeymoon effect for your webpage is run by testing your post by millions of users across the world.  Not a single user able to decide, the algorithm runs many experiments and tests across many users and finally only it rank your post

Factors need to consider in order to win the Google Honeymoon Effect

In order to stay on the top position of the Google SERPs.  You need to consider the following things to win the Honeymoon effect.

1.  Speed of  your post:

honeymoon effect will consider your webpage speed

Your website page speed plays an important role in ranking.  Usually we say it in the technical SEO but it also used in honeymoon effect.  When a user clicks your page and it takes a lot of time to load your page means then the user simply bounce back (user close your page).

So this causes your page down even if you have a good content.

2.  Organic Click Through Rate (CTR):

organic click through rate

Organic Click Through Rate is the number of clicks your post get when searching a particular keyword and enter into your webpage.

When the click through rate increases for a particular post then you can decide that your post is showing in the top few positions and if the users liked your content and they spent time on reading your post, then it stays in the top position.

Use numbers, brackets, attracting keywords in your title to increase your CTR.  For example Top 10, Best Tools (2021 Edition), How to make sweetless chocolate etc.,

3.  Reduce your Bounce back rate:

Reduce your bounce back rate

When an user enters into your webpage and the user suddenly leaves your webpage without doing anything in your webpage like reading your content or clicking the link on your webpage is called bounce back.

It is calculated for many users.  Increasing the bounce back rate for a webpage may decrease the ranking because the user didn't show interest in spending time in your webpage.

So you need to consider this and do the required things to reduce your bounce back rate.

4.  Avoid Pogo Sticking:

Avoid Pogo sticking to win google honeymoon effect

Pogo sticking is when a user enters into your webpage by organic search.  Then the user bounce back in a fraction of second without reading anything.  And goes to another result in the SERP and reads their content.

By this google can see that your content is not favorable for the user so they closed your webpage.  So google understood this situation and lower your post in the ranking.

The same time happening always means then your webpage will not show in the first page of Google.

If the user suddenly come back and change their search query means then google understood that "it is the user mistake they entered wrong query, so they bounce back and change their query".  In that situation pogo sticking is not done to your webpage

5.  Content and user Experience:

Content and user experience

When the user enters into your post, they should read your content and they should feel good experience across your webpage.  So if the content is not good or it is not able to solve the user problem.  Then they bounce back and it will cause your ranking down.

If the user experience is not done well means you should focus on your website design, layout, speed and the code used in your website and what other things needed to improve the user experience.


If your post win in the honeymoon effect and later in future if your post is not good means the post may down due to bounce rate or many other factors.

If your post lost in the honeymoon effect and goes to google sandbox means then don't worry.  Try to make update to your post and get your post ready.  In future the same thing happens, google again shows your post to many people and if they liked your post means then it get its rank in SERP.
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