How to create your video resume and tips to create video resume

How to create your video resume and tips to create video resume

Videos are powerful way to convey a message to your audience.  Because most of the people will prefer watching videos to know something than reading 10 to 20 paragraphs.  In the modern media, video format is moving from long form of videos to short form of videos.  Already we know that short form videos like YouTube shorts, Reels, TikTok, Moj, ShareChat is now ruling the social media.

So why not you can create a resume in the video format?

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What is Video Resume?

A video resume is a 2 to 3 minute video created by people who are seeking for job which includes professional details, skills, talents, interests.  In video resume we can use animation, stop motion, visual effects.

It should be as simple as possible and the video content should be able to present your skills in front of others.

Not all people need a video resume, only for those who need to create a video resume for particular job roles.  Paper resume and video resume both are different.  Don't make a video from your paper resume, make a new content for your video resume.

When should I need to create a Video Resume?

Some companies may ask you a video resume.  In that situation you may need to create a video resume.  Also for a specific job role like video editing, multimedia marketing, people interaction job, the company could ask you to submit your video resume in order to find that you are creative and people friendly.

In some industries like creative field you may need a video resume to show your position as high.  But for some areas like finance, teaching, hospital the video resume is not needed.

If everyone is giving paper resume in that situation you submit your video resume means you can able to give high competition to other people.

According to a study, 2 in 100 candiates will prepare video resume for their job

Tips to create your Video Resume

These are some of the tips you should know before start creating your video resume.

1.  Create a Different Video Resume for Different job roles

You should already know that which job role I am going to create a resume either in paper format or in video format.  

A single video resume will not suitable for all job roles.  Each jobs has specific requirements, so inorder to satisfy those requirements you need to create separate video resume for separate job roles.

The resume for software developer is not same for the resume of social media marketing.  So separate paper or video resume needed for particular jobs.

Make YouTube Shorts with these shorts editing applications


2.  Choosing the format of your video

There are many ways to present your video resume.  Choosing a best format for your job role or choose a format which one you may like to do your video.

These are some of the video resume formats:

1.  Narration - It is simply present yourself in front of the camera and talk about yourself.  In advance you can create a script like a person is interviewing and you are answering to that person.


2.  Whiteboard animation - It is telling a story about yourself and your skills with the help of whiteboard animation software.

3.  Comedic Theme - Comedic resume video will make humor while watching the video.  It is quite different video format.

4.  Developer format - Developer video resume format is for any developer like software or web developer which simply shows their software skills and works in video resume.

You should know good editing in order to create your video resume

3.  Creating a script for your video resume

Take a paper and note down your skills, achievements, languages you know and the reason why the company should hire you.

You could consider including the following things in your script:
  • Your qualifications for this job
  • Your personality
  • Education
  • Your previous works
  • Your social media links
Tip: Try adding a Cover Story in your LinkedIn Profile.  Visiting your profile and click your profile icon and add a cover story with 30 second video
While writing script try to add the following parts to your video resume
  • Introduction
  • Type of professional
  • Interest
  • Achievements
  • Conclusion 
Your script for video should cover your audience and it should be normal to all people.  And the way the video goes should be in a good way.

4.  Be Professional

While making a video resume, don't make the video childish.  Because some recruiters may discriminate you by seeing your video and consider you are not suitable for this job.  

If you are not able to create a professional video with quality video editing and quality content then stop creating your video resume and go with your paper resume or appoint a professional video creator to do this job.  Because creating incorrect video resume will disappoint the recruiter.

5.  Tools to create your Video Resume

Many video editing tools available to edit your videos.  But only few online tools are available especially for creating video resume.

The famous video resume creating tool is Biteable. It is a free web based tool.  All the features and templates are free of cost.  You can try and use all the features but it has a watermark in the video.  You need to pay to remove the watermark.

Others useful tools are Wyzowl and animaker.

6.  Video resume ideas

Watch the video resume of others which are available online and get some idea from those videos.


Not all companies are asking video resume.  If you voluntarily created means that is your opinion.  And don't forget to ask recommendations and feedback from your staffs, students and surrounding people.  

By at last you may get some knowledge about the video resume and the methods to create your video resume.
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