Best Free YouTube Shorts video editing software

Best Free YouTube Shorts Video Editing software

Short form of videos are now blooming very fast in the social media like TikTok, Vimeo, Reels, ShareChat, Moj etc.,  Now YouTube also introduced its Short video format called YouTube ShortsAlready YouTube has a wide range of audience.  So all these audience now ready to watch the shorts in YouTube.

For a day, billion views of Shorts are watched in YouTube.  So many traffic will be derived every day in the YouTube shorts.
  • The time duration for shorts is maximum of 60 seconds and you need to include #shorts in your description or title.
  • The video aspect ratio of youtube shorts is 9:16.  It is the inverse ratio of normal video of youtube 16:9.
  • So you need a 9:16 video editor to edit your shorts.  Generally you can change the aspect ratio in any video editor.  But I have chosen some video editors which are more useful to create a youtube shorts and stories compared to other video editors.

YouTube Shorts Video Editor software

The list of YouTube Shorts Video Editor are is actually created for creating Google Web stories.  But the magic is we can also create shorts in this website. is used for youtube shorts editing

It is an online platform, so we don't need to download any app or software in your pc.  By signup in this website and you can start creating the shorts with animation and text, images etc.,

It is so simple only a click and drag process to create your shorts.  You can also use their free templates and media and also able to upload your own media.
  • Create your shorts by making many slides.  After finishing your editing, press Publish and Export for Social Media.  Wait for some time and the export will finish and download your zip file.
  • Extract the zip file, it contains static images and motion video of each slide.  Now you need to add those videos one by one in any video editor (You can also use the below video editor to do this process) and make export in the format of 9:16.
  • Now your Youtube short is ready to upload to Youtube without any third party watermarks.
The disadvantage of is If you need your own media for editing then you need to upload that in this website to edit your media.  It is not taking the video from your PC like the video editors do, you need to upload the media fully in their server.

Searching for watermark free video editors for your PC then read this article -  Watermark free video editors for PC

    2.  Canva

    Story mode in canva used for shorts making

    Canva is a multi purpose online tool.  We can create many things like presentation, thumbnail, video, stories, logo, cover page and much more.
    • Visit the Canva and create a account.  Now we need to choose Your story option in Social Media.
    • There are many stories options like Instagram Story, Social Media, TikTok video, whatsapp status.  All are have same aspect ratio (9:16), you can choose any one option.
    • After completed your editing, download the file from Canva.
    The disadvantage in Canva is Each slides have some time limitations in Canva.  And you need to upload your media to canva like makestories.

    3.  VN - Video Editor for mobile

    Mobile app VN editor for youtube shorts

    VN video editor is for mobile video editing lovers.  It is simple video editor with the interface looks like pc video editing software.  You can add videos and edit with this app and change the aspect ratio to 9:16, after you finished your editing, export it without watermarks and upload it to youtube.

    You can also try VN editor in pc by using  By referring this vlognow website, you can try this app in pc.

    4.  VSDC free video editor

    freeware VSDC editor for youtube shorts

    VSDC editor is a free video editor without watermarks.  And available to download for pc.  By changing the aspect ratio to 9:16 you can edit shorts.  Finally export your video and upload to

    5.  ClipChamp

    Clipchamp video editor for shorts making

    ClipChamp is a free video editing software, you can get upto 480px of export quality of video without watermark.  And it is an online editor, you don't need to upload your media to this website.  It just takes the media from pc like the common video editors do.

    By changing the aspect ratio to 9:16 and using the free templates or your own media, you can make the shorts and export it without watermark and upload to youtube shorts library.

    6.  Davinci Resolve

    davinci resolve for advance editing

    Davinci Resolve is a free video editing software.  And it is a heavy software, you need the correct configurations in your pc to use this software otherwise it will hang your pc.
    It is an advanced video editing software.  It has no watermarks and you can use this software for all your video and by changing the aspect ratio it is ready for Youtube shorts.

    7.  Animotica

    animotica editor for zero knowledge editing people

    Animotica is a free to use software but it has watermarks.  You need to buy Animotica Light or Full Pro version to remove the watermark.  It is one time payment and after it is free for lifelong.

    Animotica is video editing software for those who don't have any knowledge in video editing.  It is also available in the official Microsoft store and also in their official website to download.

    It also have some watermark free features like trim video, screen recording, reverse video, video stabilization etc., By changing the aspect ratio to 9:16, you can make youtube shorts and export it and upload it to youtube.


    At last I conclude that by using these video editor you can create your own YouTube Shorts.
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