Instantly Index webpages using IndexNow protocol for Bing and Yandex search engines

What is IndexNow Protocol

IndexNow Protocol is an open source protocol which was created by Bing and Yandex to easily index web pages and crawl new pages when it is published or updated or deleted.  It is simple to use protocol to index our URLs in search engines.  When we use Indexnow, the URL should be indexed in all search engines who are the participants of the IndexNow protocol.

The protocol was launched in the month of October 2021.  For now Bing and Yandex adopted the new IndexNow protocol.  So when you submit a URL by using IndexNow then it should be indexed in both search engines (Bing, Yandex).  With one effort we can finish the two works.  It is a great one.

Others are Adopting IndexNow Protocol

Many companies and tools are working to adopt the new IndexNow protocol.
  • WordPress is working to adopt the new IndexNow protocol.  And many CMS like Wix and Duda are also ready to use the indexnow protocol.
  • Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) now able to support for IndexNow protocol.  By implementing IndexNow protocol in cloudflare, customers are easily experience the new fresh content.  Akamai is also a Content Delivery Network now ready to integrate with IndexNow.
  • Many plugins in WordPress like Rank Math, Yoast SEO are working in the code of how to integrate their plugins with the new IndexNow protocol.  Or it may be a chance that new plugins will come for indexnow protocol.
  • May be a chance that DuckDuckGo will be a new search engine added in this IndexNow protocol.
Google Spokesperson confirmed to Search Engine Journal that they are testing this new IndexNow protocol for crawling and indexing.
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How to Submit URLs to Bing and Yandex by using IndexNow Protocol

To submit webpages to Bing search engine through IndexNow protocol will simultaneously submit it to Yandex search engine also.

1.  You need to Generate a API key for Bing from the generation tool.
2.  Then you need to host the API text file in the root directory of your website.
3.  Then you could able to submit your URLs by using IndexNow protocol.

For example hosting the text file in the root directory looks like

4.  You can submit one URL by the HTTP request.

    For example:

    5.  To submit multiple URLs at a time.  You need to issue your POST JSON request to the URL.
    To know more about submitting URLs, you can refer this guide of indexnow documentation.
    6.  Finally you can track your URLs submitted to Bing by login in to Bing webmasters.

    Other Ways to Submit URLs to Bing

    1.  You can submit your sitemap in bing webmasters and also you can use API for URL submission (The Indexnow is similar to this API submission, but the only difference is indexnow submits our website pages to all search engines who are participating in IndexNow protocol).

    2.  You can also use ping to submit a HTTP response.  By using this method you can able to submit URL to bing.[your sitemap web address]

    For example:


    So the final words is Google is now not ready to use IndexNow protocol.  Google already have a powerful search console and crawler robot.  It may be a chance that Google also will be a part of this program in future.  By using the IndexNow protocol you can easily submit URLs to Bing and Yandex search engines.  In near future we can see many search engines will adopt this protocol.
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