How to choose and buy an unique domain name

Buying domain name is now common in the modern Internet world.  Buying domain name is similar to buying a land for you in the Internet of Cities
So before buying a domain, please do follow the steps so that you can choose your domain name as an unique one.

how to buy or choose an unique domain name

Guide to choose an Unique Domain Name

     1. First thing you have to choose an name. 
  • The name should be short and pronounceable.
  • It should not contain any numbers because if you tell your domain name to others, they will misunderstand it.  For example Timetoknow and Time2know both are same when we pronounce it.
  • But if you want to make a brand, then you can choose numbers in your domain name.  After brand establishment, people will easily remember your domain name.
For example, if we ask anyone to spell the name of Youtube , then they correctly spell it because now Youtube is a big brand.  But when we go to the timeline where youtube is not launched then they decide the name of the product as UTube not Youtube and launched it and it becomes very successful and now we ask someone to spell the name of the product, then they will spell it is as UTube not Youtube, because it is now big brand with the spelling of UTube so everyone know it correctly.
  • So If you want to become a big brand then the spelling of the brand name will be automatically remembered by people.
     2. And next step is search your chosen domain name across all platforms like Google, Bing and other search engines to find your name is already exit or not.  For example, your domain name may be a name of a big company or a celebrity star name or the name may be have any copyright issues by other brands.

finding unique domain name across search engines

     3. Then the next step is you have to check the domain name is available to you or not.  Check that anyone previous bought your domain name or not.
     4. You can check this by a historical whois lookup.  Visit the below websites and type your domain name and you can find if anyone previously bought my domain name or not.
whois lookup for unique domain name

historical whois lookup for unique domain name

buying unique domain name from domain name registrar

     5. If no one previously bought your domain name means, then the next step is go and search across all social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and even more social media.  If no one has your name, then it seems like good.
     6. You can also use many websites to search your name across social media.
For example, websites like this and even more websites available for this social media checking.
checking your brand name across all social media platforms

     7. And the last one is to choose the best domain name registrar.  Before you choose a domain name registrar check that they provide free whois privacy protection and buying and renewal cost of a domain must be low.

And Finally after following all the above steps, you can choose your unique domain name for your brand.
Last Updated on 30th October 2022, 5:20 PM IST

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