Will Adsense give Approval to Blogspot.com?

will adsense approve blogspot domain names

The answer for this question in a single line is yes.
Know how to find adsense policy violations

    In the recent announcement of adsense, they will give a screenshot of the policy violation to the user.  By using this you can find your policy violation but this will help you if you already got adsense approval and have a policy violation.  But they will not provide the screenshot for all the policy violations.

    For a beginner, Blogger is definitely useful.  It gives you free domain name and life long hosting for free.  If you want to move to another hosting then you need a custom domain name.  

    For a beginner who wants to explore the world of blogging then blogger will help them and they can get approval in adsense also.

    How much days required to get approval for blogspot.com?

    The answer for this question is not known till now.  If you are a new person means it may take more time, in some cases within a day you may get approval.  But this is your second adsense website means then you may get approval fast or based upon your website you will get approval.  

    In my case,  I am using blogspot.com and I applied for adsense when I start the blog without posting any posts.
    Then I making many changes to my blog( changing themes, and continuously updating the themes).  Then I make one decision, this is final change to my website and not to change anything.  
    Then I follow it for some days.  After two months, I got message from adsense to my mail "Your site switch2knowledge.blogspot.com is now ready to show Adsense ads".

    So when you apply for adsense don't change your theme and don't place any 3rd party advertising codes in your website before you getting adsense approval.

    After I bought a custom domain and again I need to get approval for adsense.  In that time, I got approval within 3 days.

    Adsense MYTHS for approval

    Many are saying custom domain name is needed to get approve in adsense but it is false.

    I am saving money to buy a domain name, in the meantime adsense is approved my blogspot.com.  If I use custom domain by changing my domain now.  Then once again I want to get approve in adsense.

    And many are saying if you use a custom domain then Adsense will approve your website fast.  Adsense didn't share the information how they approve the websites.  So it may be fast if you use custom domain name instead of blogspot domain.  But it is not confirmed.


    In my opinion, buy a custom domain.  Because having a domain name is good for your business and it is also good for your personal use.  The future is fully digitally and many people will buy domain for their personal use in the near future.  So owning a domain name is good and renew it correctly.

    And work regularly in your website and post according to your schedule, publish unique content then definitely adsense will approve your website.
    Last Modified on 16th July 2022, 3:30PM IST


    1. nakalampower.blogspot.com is domain purchase for adsense approval ?

      1. For unique content website, adsense will approve definitely


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