Meteor Spotted on Sunday Feb 14 in Melbourne, Victoria state, Australia

Meteor Flashes across the Melbourne Sky

The meteor was spotted on 14th February, 2021 Valentine's day night.  A Youtube video showing that the meteor flashing in the sky and disappears suddenly.  The video was recorded by the the resident and it has been widely spreading viral in the news websites and social media.

In the video the meteor is reaching the Earth from the sky and the brightness if the meteor disappears after reaching certain distance.

The Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV) posted that it was a "sporadic meteor" meaning that it was an unusually meteor, randomly coming into the Earth' s atmosphere and not associated with any other meteor shower.

After entering the Earth's atmosphere, the meteor had burnt up and disappeared as seen in the video.
Last Modified on 16th Feb 2021, 1:30 PM IST

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