YouTube has Created new Landing page for Hashtag

New landing page for youtube

YouTube has created a new landing page for #tag names in the video.  If a video has these hashtags #youtube #newlandingpage .  Then the following hashtags have separate landing pages in YouTube to find that videos.  Any one can use any hashtag.  Same hashtags also can be used.  But in the landing page, the videos are in the specific order.

How to find landing page in YouTube

Finding landing page in Youtube-1

In the above image of a Youtube video.  They put the hashtags in description, then it appears in the top of the title of the video.  When you click the hashtag, you go to the respective hashtag landing pages in the YouTube.

Finding landing page in Youtube-2

Or otherwise search the respective hashtag in search bar of YouTube, then you will find the respective hashtag and click on it and you enter into the landing page of that hashtag.  Then you can find the YouTube videos containing the same hashtag.

Finding landing page in Youtube-3

And now we can search a hashtag and find the videos in the YouTube.  If you find anything useful in this article, then share this with your friends and share with a Youtuber who you know.



Last Modified on 20th Feb 2021, 3:30 PM IST

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