New Privacy Feature for iOS will make Facebook opt-out of tracking ads

In this article we are going to see new privacy feature for iOS phones.  Facebook does not much satisfy with this feature.

iOS phone

iOS has testing its new privacy feature in iOS 14.4 Beta version.  Apple  is one of the companies which cares about very much the privacy of the users.  They introduced the feature to limited iOS phones for testing.  

What this feature do?  This feature prevents the user data to be shared across websites and apps.  This feature gives a prompt to the user when they open an app or website and asks him or her "Your data is used to provide you a better and personalized ad experience", the user has two options Ask App not to Track or Allow, user can choose any one option from the prompt.

This feature will rollout in the next year but those who downloaded  iOS 14.4 Beta version, they told that this feature is already rolled in their phones.

Prompt shows the message "Your data is used to provide you a better and personalized ad experience"

Facebook strongly discourages this feature because they track their users in many ways. Tracking of users and earning from that is Facebook biggest revenue. When Apple rollout this feature to all, then after seeing Apple many other companies also make this feature available to their user.  Then Facebook will no longer track their users.

Apple gives time to developers that they need to make necessary changes to their products.
If Facebook does not prompt this feature, then Apple will remove Facebook from their store.
Last Updated on Dec 25, 2020  4:00 PM IST

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