How to share apps using Google Play Store to another Android Device

New Nearby share feature for play store
Play Store has introduced the new way to share apps with others.  Now we didn't have to use share it or any other sharing apps. Because now Play store has inbuilt Offline Nearby share feature This feature allows us to share apps without Internet.  But I tested this, now the speed of transfer is slower than other apps like Shareit, Files etc.,  Soon they will improve the speed.  Now we are going to see how to share using nearby share in Google Play Store.

#1. Open Play Store and go to My apps and you can see Share option in the last tab.  If you are not able to see then, you need to update the play store.  Play Store updates automatically when you connect to the Internet or WIFi or you go to play store and spend some time in it, then there is a chance to update the play store.

Step 1Step 2

#2. Then Click the Share Option.  Do the same thing for another mobile phone to receive the app.  Both phones should have share option to share the apps. Click Send in one phone and Receive in another phone.  After then click Continue on both phones

Step 2Step 2

#3. Then it will ask to allow Location permission for the app.  Click allow to use this feature.

Step 3Step 3

#4. In sender's phone it allows to select the apps in their phone for transfer.  In receiver's phone it shows "waiting for sender".  Then after selecting the app, click send button in top right corner of the screen.

Step 4Step 4

#5. Then the sender want to select a receiver from the prompt.  After that the sender will see a code and the receiver also see a code in their phone prompt.  When the receiver select Receive in that prompt, the transfer starts.

Step 5Step 5

Step 5

#6. Sender sending the app and the receiver receives the app.

Step 6Step 6

#7. In the meantime the receiver also send a app and the sender can receive it.  Or sender can send another app to the receiver also.
Step 7Step 7

#8. After the app is received, then click install to install it in the phone.  Click open to open it.

Step 8Step 8
Now we can know how to share apps using Play Store Share.  Share this article with your friends.



Last Modified on 27th Feb 2021, 10:00 PM IST 

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