Twitter is adding 'Hacking Label' to suspicious materials twitted in Twitter


Twitter has started to label the tweets that these are obtained by hacking the materials.  The warning displayed is "These materials may have been obtained through hacking".  This label appeared in the GrayZone  account, they posted a news link in the tweet in that tweet, this message was appeared.
But we can also trick this feature by using a specially crafted link to a genuine URL combined with the flagged one.  And Twitter flags this as 'hacking material' label.  Soon Twitter will improve this feature.  This feature works in both web versions and both Android and iOS.  Also Twitter introduced Hacked materials Policy in their Rules and Policies.
Also Twitter has other labels.
  • Misleading information - statements that have been confirmed to be false
  • Disputed Claim - statements that are not accurate and its accuracy is not known
  • Unverified Claim - information may be true or false but not confirmed at the time of share
Click here for more about Twitter labels.  Also Twitter has Election labels and Government and State Affiliated media accounts.
Last Modified on 18th April 2021, 2:00 PM IST



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