Common Four Fears Humans Have

Phobia means is a kind of fear that cause us harm.  The word Phobia comes from the Greek word phobos which means fear or horror.


There are many types of Phobias eg: fear related to animals.  Basically all types of Phobias comes under four categories.  They are

1. Fear of Public Speaking


Public Speaking is the common fears to all the people in the world.  Mostly students studying in college or school will understand this fear.  This fear comes often when people understimate or overstimate to communicate their ideas with the public audience.

How to overcome this fear?

To overcome this fear, we should practise ourselves to speak in public.  Generally we say the 5 P's for public speech
  • Planning 
  • Preparation
  • Consistency
  • Practice
  • Performance

2.  Fear of Rejection


Fear of Rejection is a very painfull for everyone who feel that fear. Many people feel some nerves when the situation of rejection.  Many Teenagers feel the fear of rejection.  Love Failure, not getting a job are the fear of rejection.

How to stop Fear of Rejection?

  • Look at yourself and ask the question why you rejected and make the thing right which goes wrong.  
  • See the things that are surround you and be happy with that.  
  • Remind yourself of your worth.  
  • Learning something new always

3.  Fear of Insecurity


Fear of insecurity happens when you are older.  People without strong relationship, may feel this types of fear.  And those are quickly merge with others.  Older people may feel this fear a lot.

To overcome fear of insecurity

  • Leave the past, take care of present
  • Accept the things you have.
  • Make some meaning full relationships
  • Give Hope to yourself

4.  Fear of Death


Everyone experience this fear when they become older.  This is common fear to all when become very older.  Enjoy the time you have, make your path correct before everything is over.  Take control of your life and make the way good you like for your life.  We should take care our older parents and grandparents and older people.


Fears are born with our life, but we have to overcome those fears and keep going.  Move forward with more positive energy and keep going.
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