Sharing Email to WhatsApp and other chatting apps - Easy method

sharing gmail to whatsapp

How to share Emails from Gmail to WhatsApp? Emails can be easily shared to WhatsApp by a simple method.  In this article we are going to see the method to share Email directly to WhatsApp.

Everyone think, it is simple.  There is a share option in the mail at any one of the top corners, by clicking it we can share. But the real truth is there is no option in Gmail till now.  If you don't believe me, then check your any mail.  Then what is the way to share.  Read further.

  • First open your Gmail app in mobile
  • Open the mail you want to share
  • Then press and hold any text in that mail for some time
  • Now you can able to select the text and click Select all option in the pop up shown.


    • You can also customize what you want to select by moving the two arrow corner.
    • After finished the above one.  Then select Share from the pop up show.
    • And choose the app (Eg: WhatsApp) for which you want to share the mail.  You must install the respective app in your phone to share in that app (Eg: you should install whatsapp before, to share mail to whatsapp)

      Image 3

      In computer you can use the mouse to select the text by click and dragging in mail.  And copy the text (Ctrl +C for windows) and paste in the notepad and after checking everything is ok and paste in WhatsApp text box and click send button.
      Image 4

      Also in some mails, they give an option to see the mail in browser (View in browser or View online) option.  By clicking it you redirect to your browser and in that place you can see the mail, by clicking share option in your browser and select the app you want to share.


      Last Updated on 17th March 2021, 7:30 PM IST

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