Different Types of Search Queries

Search Queries are phrases and words that we enter in the search box of the search engines and we get the relevant results.

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A navigational search query is a search query that we entered in the search box to find a particular website or page.  For Example: user want to find a particular site like Twitter or Youtube studio, then they type Twitter or Youtube studio in the search box of search engine and they get their results.

navigational search query

Targeting Navigational Search Queries

Targeting this query is quit difficult because the user must know in their mind which website they want to visit.  So you must brand your website big and branded keywords tend to drive more clicks.  Also some queries may appear to be navigational but it is not exactly.  For example: someone wants to know the news feed of Facebook and googles "Facebook".  It looks like navigational query but the user intention is different.

2. Informational Search Queries

Informational Search Queries are queries that give us the information about the topic.  For Example:  a user enter may enter "Teak tree" in search box then they get the details about the Teak tree.  The user just want to know the answers for their questions not any specific site they want to search.

informational search query

Targeting Informational Search Queries

Targeting this type of queries require high SEO for the pages and Google pushing Knowledge Graph to address these types of queries.  Wikipedia plays major role in this type of query.  To get traffic in this query, you must write correct informative content and to get trust from the search engines for the source of information you provide.

3. Transactional Search Queries

Transactional Search Queries are queries indicates that the user want to do a transaction or want to make a purchase.  For example: when you type "Samsung Galaxy M21" in search box, then the results shown are shopping websites.  Also many local shops to buy the product are also shown in the results.

transactional search query

Targeting Transactional Search Queries

We can also target transactional search queries by optimized SEO  product pages.  But most of the time ads and sponsored results are shown as organic results in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  Also we can use Adwords  for transactional search queries.

How does Google Rank the search Results?

According to your search query Google will rank your sites
1.  The first top most search results is from official sites.  Google will show the official pages of  government, organization, company or a person in the top results.
2.  The second ranking of the pages will go to the pages with informative content.  For example Pages of Wikipedia or encyclopedia will rank because it has more informative content.
3.  The third ranking is given for the relevant pages according to your search query.

Mistakes that will lower your Search Rank in Google

  • If you stuff keywords or redirect to any spam sites, then Google will mark you as spam
  • If you add any erotic content then Google will lower your rank.
  • If Google finds better content than your content then the new content page will rank first.


To drive more traffic, you should concentrate on informational search queries with full SEO optimized pages.
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