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There are many types of plastics we are using in day to day life.  We can see the above symbols in many plastic products.  In this article we are going to know the meaning behind these symbols.

Curbside Recycling Program

It is the process of collecting wastes from the street dustbins by waste management service and sorting it in some area.

The "Chasing Arrows" Symbol

The chasing arrow symbol does not mean the product is recyclable.  The number inside the symbol is going to tell us what type of plastic the product is made of.

1 - PETE or PETG

PETE stands for polyethylene terephthalate and PETG stands for polyethylene terephthalate glycol.  It is used for commonly soft drink bottles, juice containers, oil bottles.  It can be recycled and is part of the curbside recycling program.  It is reused to make furniture, carpets etc.,

2 -  HDPE

HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene.  It is most common used in United States of America.  It is used for milk containers, washing soaps, cleaning agents.  It is accepted by curbside recycling process.  It is reused to make pipe, oil bottle, pens etc.,

3 - PVC or Vinyl

PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride  and it is represented with the letter 'V'.  It is used for commercial purposes.  It is rarely recycled in curbside recycling program.

4 - LDPE

LDPE stands for Low Density Polyethylene.  It is used for shopping bags, high resistant sacks.  This plastic is not usually recycled.

5 - PP

PP stands Polypropylene plastic.  It is for making furniture, toys.  This is one of the safer types of plastics so that it can be used for medicine bottles, ketchup bottles.  It is also accepted in curbside recycling process.

6 - Styrene or PS

PS stands for Polystyrene.  It is used for toys, refrigerator trays, CD cases etc.,  It is not accepted in many curbside recycling process.  It is recycled to make egg cartons, rulers.

7 - Others

This symbol includes word 'Other'  which stands for Other Plastics.  These include but are not limited to Polycarbonate Plastic, Polylactic fibers, nylon, acrylic plastics.  However not every plastic in this category can be recycled but polycarbonate and acrylic can be recycled and used for future use.

My thought is correct plastic should go to correct place for recycling.  And reduce the use of plastic to make plastic free environment.  
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