28 Trillion Earth Ice lost in just 25 Years

Last Modified on 27th Jan, 2021 8:00 PM IST

antarctica ice melting representative image
Representative Image of Antarctica Ice melting

Climate change plays a major role in ice melting process of the Earth.  The research says that we lost 28 trillion tons of ice between 1994 and 2017.

A research paper named Earth's Ice Imbalance published in the European Geosciences Union's Journal - "The Cryosphere".  The research was conducted by a team of scientists from University of Leeds, University of Edinburgh, University College London and Data Science Specialists-Earthwave.  According to the University of Leeds, the research is carried out a survey of global ice loss using satellite data.

The scientists found that the rate of ice loss has increased than past three decades.  The paper mentions that loss of ice from Arctic sea ice is 7.6 trillion tons, Antarctic ice sheet is 2.5 trillion tons, Mountain Glaciers is 6.1 trillion tons, Antarctic ice shelves is 6.5 trillion tons, Greenland ice sheet is 3.8 trillion tons, Southern ocean sea ice has also decreased in high range.

The rate of melting of ice is 65% faster than before.  The atmospheric temperature is rising and the ocean level is rising due to ice melting.

The only way to stop temperature rising is to plant more trees, lesser the use of vehicles and start to save energy.  Then only we can protect this Earth from Global warming and climate change and we can stop the melting of ice. 

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