Netflix  rolling out its 'Play Something' feature to Android

netflix play something feature

Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers from more than 190 countries till this 2021 year.  They hold many partners like Warner Media and recently they bought the 
license of movies of Sony Pictures entertainment for OTT release.

They have this huge subscriber basis, but people are watching only the same movies and  TV series in Netflix.  This decreases the watch time.   So Netflix had rolled out the "Play Something" feature for TVs in the month of April.

What this Play Something feature and how it works

When you go to Netflix app with this feature tuned on, then you can see the movies or series appearing with a border in the screen along with this button.  This is the Play Something feature.  The working is same as the name indicates, it plays something in Netflix related to the content you watch and your previous history recordsbased upon the user taste of interest the videos are playing in this feature.
And even in the end of any movies or videos you can see this 'Play something' button to watch something.  Netflix restricts their user to think which movies or shows we have to watch. 

This feature is not same as recommendation because we get our recommendation as not fully watched videos or previously liked videos.  This feature plays the videos which the user didn't even seen before.

Now many android users are seeing this feature in their mobile based on who are included as the Netflix testing users.  Soon Netflix Play Something feature is available to every mobile users in the near future.
Did you notice this feature in your Netflix mobile app?

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Last Updated on 27th May 2021, 8:30 PM IST

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