Finding Page link in

1. Creating a Page:

We can easily create a page in blogger by login to your and select Pages option which appears in the left side of your blog.

Now select Create new page option which shows in the top of the left side.


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2. Finding Link for page:

Enter your title for the page.  The title appears in the page link. For example:
The title is Sample blog. Then the link is

When you change the title again, the previous title only appears in the blog. For example: I change my old title Sample blog to Sample one blog. Then the link is previous link only  Now you understood how the link works in blog.

If you published your page means then we can find the page link by placing the mouse over a particular page shown in page area. And you can see the view icon and right click the icon and select the option copy the link address  and paste the link in text editor. And now you can see the link of the particular page.

Finding link for page

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