Last Times of Adobe Flash Player

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Adobe Flash Player is a famous software in 90's.  It runs on Windows and Mac and supports for online multimedia playing of videos and photos.  It supports many online games, internet applications.  But after Flash Player work was done by HTML5.  So many are uninstalling it from computer.

It was discontinued officially by Adobe on Jan 1 after 25 years when it was launched.  

After many Browsers are removing it from their browsers.  In the mid of 2019 Google removed adobe flash player from Chrome browser.

After Mozilla's Firefox also announced to remove adobe flash player from their browser.  Microsoft Edge also planning to give an update to remove the flash player.

But now Windows got an update that will be removing the entire part of the Adobe Flash Player from the computer.  It will not affect any other versions that have been installed as browser plug-in by the user, if so, the user have to uninstall it manually and it is recommended.

Adobe recommends everyone to uninstall Flash Player.  Now some websites ask you to on adobe flash player, then it will be scam.  Be cautious.

If Adobe Flash Player still in your computer, then go to Adobe official website and find the uninstaller tool for Flash Player for both windows and mac.

Now Adobe Flash Player is Officially Discontinued after long years.
Last Modified on Jan 5, 2021 10:30 PM IST

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