What is TimeStrap

Timestrap means telling something or happening something at a specific time period.

How to share Youtube video at specific time

Timestrap for Youtube Video

  1. Now open a Youtube video and Copy the link from the video
  2. For example the video link is https://youtu.be/8fMp2jyFgcI .  Now at the last of the link add &t=1m10s or ?t=1m10s
  3. Now https://youtu.be/8fMp2jyFgcI&t=1m10s and https://youtu.be/8fMp2jyFgcI?t=1m10s both play at 1minutes 10seconds of the video. 
  4. And you can also modify the link by using &t=70 and ?t=70 at the end of the link.  This notation denotes the seconds i.e. 1m10s is converted to 70s.  https://youtu.be/8fMp2jyFgcI&t=70 and https://youtu.be/8fMp2jyFgcI?t=70 .  Both videos play at the same 1m 10s.
  5. In both mobile and desktop versions of YouTube, this can be done.
Last Modified on 4th March 2021, 10:00 PM IST

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