Detailed view about Google Domain name registrar | Google Domains Features and Full Review

Google domains Review

If you are a running a website then you need to buy a domain to run your website professionally.  In order to purchase a domain you will need to choose a good domain name registrar.  But do you know which is the best domain name registrar to buy your domain?

Google Domains is one of the upcoming and rising domain name registrars which is going to give a competition to Namecheap, Dynadot and Porkbun.  So in this blog we are going to see the features of Google Domain name registrar and the full review of Google Domains.  This review is based on my experience of using Google Domains for 3 months period.  Till now also I am continuing to use my domain in Google Domains service.

Google domains is now sold to squarespace domains.  So all existing domains will move to squarespace.  After completely moved all google domains to squarespace, domain renewal price in squarespace will vary and also new buying domain price will be high than google domains.


Features of Google Domains:

Who are Domain name Registrars?

Domain name registrars are companies who sells domain names for people which are currently available to use.  So you can simply buy a domain name from the domain name registrar website.
There are many domain name registrars available in the market but you should choose one who is accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).  By visiting ICANN website you can see the accredited domain name registrars.  So Google Domains is also one of the domain name registrars accredited by ICANN in the market.

Easy and Clear User Interface

When you visit Google Domain name Registrar you can see the clear and smooth interface of their website.  The interface of the website is clean and the purchasing area is also well designed.  No complex construction of the website.  So the final word is website is very simple designed to use.

Google Domains is for purchasing Domain only.  They didn't offer Hosting in their Website.  But Some Google Tools offer WEB HOSTING for free.  Read below to know about it.

Low Cost Price for your domain

Google Domains offers .com domains at $11.58 (860 rupees).  They does not put any additional fee for renewal.  The renewal cost is also same.  And they didn't give any offers, only what price they showing you is the buying price.  If there is any other tax for buying online goods in your country means then you need to pay that tax in your purchase.
In India GST for domains is 154.80 rupees.

Transferring your domain to another registrar or to Google domain is also easy.

You can create upto 100 subdomains in Google Domains.  Learn How to create subdomains in Google Domains

Full Security To your domain

Some domain name registrar put an additional for whois privacy protection to your domain.  But Google Domains give free whois privacy protection for your domain for lifelong period.  Whois protection hides your personal data like your name, phone number, email id from the public whois directory.  And also they give free DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) which gives protection to your DNS from hacking  and other threats.

Free Email Forwarding

If you want to setup custom mail id then you can buy a Google Workspace.  But for those who are not ready to buy a workspace, Google Domains offers free email forwarding.  By using this free service you can forward ( i.e create alias email for your mail id ) upto 100 emails for a single domain name.  By using this email forwarding you can create a custom professional mail with your domain name.  Eg:

Free DNS hosting

Usually many domain name registrar provide DNS hosting, Google also provide secure DNS.  So you can use Google Nameservers in your website.  It is fast and secure nameserver for your hosting.

Free Website Building Tools

I already told that Google didn't provide Hosting in their website.  But they provide some tools by using those tools you can easily host your website for free.  
By using the above Google Tools you can easily host your website for free.  And also it gives simple method to connect your domain to other website builders like Wix, Squarespace etc.,

Many New TLDs

Google Domains offers many new TLDs (Top level domains) like .coffee, .photography, .cricket etc.,  By visiting available Google TLDs page you can fully see the available TLDs  for the domains.

24/7 Customer Support

Google Domains Provide 24/7 people support to you by means of email or chat support.  So you can contact them and talk to them at any time and clear your doubts.  Many top companies provide this 24/7 service Google is also one of the company.


It also has cons like they didn't offer web hosting in their website and many add on services which are provided by other domain name registrar but it is not available in Google Domains.  Only low price domains with many features is available in Google domains.

So the conclusion is easy to use especially for a beginners and low price domain with no additional cost for privacy protection.  And transferring your domain to Google Domains or to another registrar is also simple and easy.  With 24/7 support and with their new TLDs I prefer Google Domains for a beginner according to my experience of buying domains in Google and using their service for past 3 months.
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