How to make money online with your talents without any investment: 5 real useful ways

How to earn money online with your talents

Making money online in the modern generation is one of the common things among us.  People are using this as a second source of income for their life.  Firstly, in online world you can definitely make money without any investment, but you should invest your time and efforts to make money.

It is not an easy task, it needs some skills and smart work from your side to earn in online.

Secondly, you need to find your personal skill which you will be comfortable to work and earn money.  Yes, you need to work to earn money.  It is not just like watching ads, surveys or form filling, by doing these kinds of work, you will not earn much or you get cheated by other people.

So you need to put your work or give service to earn money.  This is the life long earning way to earn more.

If you don't have any skill means think about one thing, in which area you are interested or you have little knowledge then in that area grow your skill and make that skill as profitable one.  Leaning a needed skill is very helpful or you can learn what is currently needed in market to earn money and learn that skill.

Lastly, you need to find a platform to monetize your skills and earn money.  The platform and audience will differ for every people.  So finding a correct platform is important to correctly monetize your skillset.  I am going to tell you some of the platforms which I know with the interesting skillset among people to use in those platforms.

Make money online by:

Platforms to earn money with your skills:

1.  Content creation in social media

Content creation in social media

Creating Content is one of the major jobs that people are doing it in many social media platforms.  Like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Podcast or any other social media which you are comfortable and you have certain amount of audience means then it is the right chance to earn money using those platforms.

Usually the platforms have monetization facility to earn money.  Like YouTube has adsense to monetize your content.  So you need to join in the monetization feature and start earning money.  If any social media has no default monetization option means then you should check any outside monetization facility or third party options like sponsorship or any other ways to monetize your content in that platform.

Most people will try to put their content in YouTube and get monetization because youtube is trusted by many people and the monetization is done by google adsense which is a good way to monetize your content.

2.  Content writing

Content writing

Content writing or technical or copywriting, any writing forms of work which is also a content creation work.  People can easily monetize these works by creating a website and posting their content and get revenue by monetization.

For content writing, you need to create a website which is easy by blogger or wordpress or any other CMS platform.  Then start writing your content to audience and index in search engines and do some SEO to rank it in search engines like google.

For this purpose also adsense is best platform to monetize your content.  When compared to Youtube monetization by adsense, you need to be across the eligibility criteria.  But in website, there is no eligibility criteria for adsense, the only thing is good content.  Also if you are not comfortable with adsense means then there are many other platforms for website monetization is available to you to monetize your content.

3.  Freelance work

Freelance work

If you have any technical skills like programming or designing then you can try freelancing.  You should give your service to people and earn money from your service.  There are some freelancing websites like fiverr which you can sign up and start your work.  Or you manually search your client online or offline and give your work to them and earn money from that.

For freelancing you need to improve your skills, there are many freelance works available like web developing, web designing, logo designing and also much more is there.  You can give your one or many service to the people and earn more.

Good portfolio for a freelancer is necessary to show your work to your clients and your clients will get confidence from your portfolio and from your previous work.

4.  Teaching online to others

teaching others online

If you are good at teaching your skills to others then you can do that and earn revenue.  You can teach your skills by video format in youtube or you can write about your skill in any website and monetize that.

There are some platforms like udemy in which you can join as instructor and earn money from that.  Your teaching should be good then only people will see you and learn from you and in the same way you can also earn money and also you will learn and strong in your skills when you are teaching others.

5.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is some additional things that will boost your income.  First you don't fully focus on this income type.  Because if you didn't finish the sale means then you will be frustrated and also earning is much less than you expected for the product.

So you need to give little focus on this.  If you have a website or youtube channel then you give the affiliate links in those areas, when people bought anything from your link means then you will get some commission.  So it will done automatically in sometime.


By at last, skillset is important to earn money, monetizable skillset is much needed for you to earn money lifelong.  So learn some useful skills and start making your passive income or increase your income source by your talent.
Content Last updated on 26th July 2023, 8:30 PM IST


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