How to increase organic website traffic for free

How to increase organic web traffic for free

People who are writing content online and trying to rank in search engines need organic search traffic to successfully rank their articles in search engines.  A good organic traffic is something that comes from the search results of search engines like Google, Bing etc.,  Paid traffic comes from the search ads in search results.

Boosting organic traffic helps you to improve your search ranking.

What is organic traffic?

When a user search for a query in search engine then he/she gets results including paid and non-paid results.  But the traffic comes from the non-paid search results is called organic web traffic.

Organic traffic for websites will come by ranking articles in search engines.  Websites can have other types of traffic like Direct Traffic, social traffic, referral traffic.
  • Direct Traffic - It is something that the user directly typed your website URL in the search box and enter into your page or the user may bookmark your website to visit regularly.
  • Social Traffic - When you regularly share your posts in social media then people who are following you, may visit your articles.  If your post reached more views in social media then new visitors will come to your website.  This is called social traffic.
  • Referral traffic - If you are writing freelance blogs means then you can put a refer link in their website to your website.  Answering questions in social forums and putting refer links of your articles improves referral traffic and this is called referral traffic.

6 methods to increase your organic web traffic for free:

The below are the proven strategies for new website owners (beginners) to boost their website traffic and increase organic traffic for their website.

increase traffic by low competition keywords

Fresh content writers who are trying to rank in google are focusing on high competition keywords instead of low competition keywords.  Because high competition keywords can be easily found by googling and content writers also have some keywords in their mind (seed keywords).

Finding low competition keywords are not that much difficult.  To increase organic traffic first focus on your low competition keywords.

People will use SEO tools like ahrefs, semrush and many famous tools to find low competition keywords for their articles.  But for a beginner, they will not spend that much money to buy those SEO paid tools.  So to find a correct google keyword is difficult to beginners.

To solve this problem, beginners should use Google keyword Planner.  It is a free tool, you need to sign up and you can use it without running a campaign.

You can use search forecast and keyword ideas to find your keywords.

In keyword planner, you can see competition tab, it is ad placement competition not search result competition.  Then how we find our keyword difficult in keyword planner?

We need to play some trial and error method.  First we need high search volume then only people will come to your website in huge amount.  So choose high search volume with low competition.  If it is not worked means choose medium or high competition.  But our search volume should be high.

We are using a free tool (Keyword Planner), it is for advertising purpose only, so we need to do some trial and error.  But in paid tools, the keyword difficult is easily shown in the dashboard.

After using those organic keywords, check your website traffic.  This method will definitely increase your organic traffic.  If it increases means then you are ranking in the google SERPs.  Slowly but steadily rank more articles by this method and then go for high competition keywords (more keyword difficulty).

Refresh Outdated content:

improve ranking by updating outdated content

Many people are forgot their post after it is published.  But when you randomly search some queries in google then you can find in first two pages with the recently published articles.  These articles drive more organic traffic in google.

So recently written articles are ranking well in google and also get more organic traffic.  So you can update your articles and republish it.  But it is your choice to update and republish with new date or just updating the article alone.

When you want to update some paragraphs means you can update the article without updating date.  Google will rank these articles definitely.  When the article is very old means you can write new article with updated content and with updated date.

Refreshing your old posts help you to rank if they are not previously ranked in google.

Updating date on posts will improve google ranking?

Use social media wisely:

get social traffic from social media

Creating social followers helps you to drive social traffic from your social media.  It also give signal to google that more people are following you and adds more trust on you.

So next time when you publish your post then you should choose a social media like X(twitter), linkedin, youtube, facebook, instagram and post your link in your social media and improve your followers.

Creating Youtube videos and linking your post in your videos is a good practice to drive traffic from Youtube to your website.

Update post title and description:

update title and description for ranking factor

When your traffic stats is not well means you can put a research around your content and find what is wrong in it.  You can update some paragraphs or you can update your keywords or else you can update your title and meta description.

How to find your post position in google SERP?


Why updating title and description is important?  When your article gets old and it is not ranking in google means then you can give a chance to update your title and description which helps to increase your organic traffic.

But when it already in the ranking position, in that time you don't update your title and meta description.  If you update in that time means then there may be a chance that your organic search ranking will go down and also you loss your organic traffic.

Write about searchable topics:

Put your focus on searchable topics in search engines.  Searchable topics means people search in google but not correctly get answer for it.  Instead they are getting answers related to their search.

use people also ask to find content

use related search queries to improve content

To target users' search, you should see People also ask section and Related searches section in google search results.  By utilized these sections you can drive more organic traffic to your website.

If you want to write an article about recent trending topic then you can go and search in google trends.  Utilising google trends helps you to find what most people are searching for in the world and helps you to get content ideas.  You can also filter based upon your region and write your content according to the latest trends.

improve SEO to rank more in google

When working with low competition keywords, you should do some On page SEO for your website.  Because On page SEO helps you to boost your organic search traffic and shows your content to many people.

Off page and technical SEO are also important but focusing on On page SEO will definitely improve your organic traffic in search console.

  • Improve your meta description, post title and format html tags like h1, h2, h3 like that.
  • Use images wisely with alt text.
  • Optimise your URL with focus keyword and minimise your URL length.

Why you need organic traffic for your website?

Organic search traffic increases your ranking in google automatically.  If you are getting more traffic from social media like WhatsApp, telegram groups then it is ok.  But to increase your website traffic drastically you need to focus on organic traffic from search engines.

Also if you are ranking your post means then automatically organic traffic come to your website.  You don't need to do anything, just update your post if needed.

Ranking one post in google and getting organic traffic will rank other related posts from the same category of your website.  So ranking and getting organic traffic is important.  You can use informational search queries to solve user problems and get more organic traffic.

Check your organic traffic:

You can check how many visitors you are getting by using these two free tools
  1. Google search console
  2. Google Analytics

Google search console:

traffic channels in search console insights

You will get your organic traffic source by visiting google search console.  Going to search results in performance tab you can find your traffic data.

To find organic traffic you should use Search console insights.  In that page, you can see your traffic source.  By using this, you can find your organic traffic source in search console.

Google Analytics:

google analytics organic traffic data

Go to your google analytics account.  Switch to GA4 and go to the reports tab then go to Acquisition -> traffic acquisition.  You can find your traffic source and you can see your organic traffic source in google analytics.


By increasing organic traffic to your website, you can rank more articles and grab more users to your website from the search engines.  If you are monetized your website then you will get more earnings from the organic traffic.
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